The Year End Drama Grab Bag

I really wasn’t planing on leaving this to the last day of the year, but as so often this year RL got in the way.

Looking back at Drama Year 2017, it feels like I didn’t watch that many things, but turns out I actually finished 21 kdramas, plus a couple of cdramas as well. Yeah, that was surprising. πŸ˜€ What is not surprising is that most of them didn’t make much of an impression, ha. I was reading through the list of this year’s kdramas and frequently going “oh wait, I did watch this one as well”. That said, there were couple of truly wonderful shows and some very good ones in the mix, as well as fiew nice surprises. Continue reading

Thoughts on: Yasashii Jikan

I really should re-watch Yasashii Jikan as it’s such a lovely, moodfilled drama. Every time I think of it, I get this genuine rush of warmth and peacefullness. It’s been my favourite jdrama for quite a long time now. I may have waxed lyrical about several others but it’s still the one I’d take with me to a desert island. πŸ™‚

Actually… I think I may just as well re-watch it as I need something solid and soothing to counterbalance the intensity of Secret Love Affair.
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