A Totally Random Kpop Post

I’ve still not much time to devote on dramas but I’ve been sort of overdosing on kpop, LOL! Well, the videos are shot and you can watch several of them at a go. These past fiew weeks have been awash with comebacks and debuts, with plenty to choose from. I guess it’s something for everyone.

My picks…
A Video Heavy post ahead^^!

Favourite Drama OSTs

I love music, always have. A good soundtrack can enhance a show’s appeal and when thoughtfully used, adds an extra layer to many of the scenes. Just as a bad one can throughly spoil the whole experience. We all know a drama or two with the bgm so grating that we’d like to strangle whoever made the musical choices. It may be just me, but the kdrama soundtracks of recent years have been kinda meh, filled with generic, syrupy ballads that fade from memory as soons as the drama has ended. Pretty much like the dramas themselves. Which is why most of my faves are from dramas from several years ago. Those OSTs were often themed to go with certain scenes or characters, which I personally love. The music pieces also seemed to be more varied in genre and sound.

I’ve been thinking about doing a post about some of my favorite drama soundtracks for a while now, but there never seemed to be a good time for it. So, I’ve been collecting the material to be used “some day”. Guess that day is now. 🙂 The “samples” are arranged in loose categories, just to keep them in some sort of order. Beware, it’s a loooong post!

Yoo Na’s Street – the soundtrack

I could spend an entire day watching expressions change on Chang Man’s face. I think I’m in love with Lee Hee Joon’s acting, LOL! YNS re-watch is now at ep 15 and I’ve lost count of how many of the clips at JTBC YT account I’ve watched and rewatched. XD

Anyway, the reason of this post is the OST. I really like how different the soundtrack is. They’ve so far released only the two main tracks and the only gripe I have is that there should be more songs as these two are kinda getting overused. Not that it’s ‘almost paaaaaraaadise’ level of painful yet, ha.
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