Thoughts On: Keizoku 1 & 2

And this will probably be the last of my Archelogical Finds. Unless I go for another ‘hunt’ at my LJ 😉

(LJ 15/4/2012)

I always ment to watch Keizoku 2 – SPEC but somehow never got round to it while it was airing. Then darkeyedwolf‘s post about the SP along with the hq version of the series appearing around the same time reminded me finally to find time to watch it. SPEC is a sort of a remake/reboot of the Keizoku – Unsolved Cases, a drama from 1999, which I happened to get hold of and watch a while back. That was a really strange experience all in all, though the fact that I mainlined the whole series + the SP and concluding (really bizarre) film within a day may have something to do with it. LOL!
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