Drama Grab Bag

With RL sudenly getting awfully busy, it feels like I never have enough time for my dramas. Or blogging. I’m also sadly without that one drama which would compell me to tackle episodes with glee as soon as they air. I miss those days when ‘squee’ was a-plenty. Sigh. So, what have I watched recently? Continue reading

Drama Grab Bag

Why is it that when RL gets busy, I find myself with more dramas than I can possibly handle? The recent kdrama daught has had me exploring other avenues with offerings from mainland China and Taiwan in addition to what I can pick up from Japan. The thing is, I now seem to have amassed a list of c- and tw-dramas to watch and have couple jdramas queued up too. On top of that are all the new kdramas that look promising… It never rains but it pours. Continue reading

Vampire Detective – musings and speculation

Hmmm… I think Vampire Detective may be too episodic and procedural for all tastes. I am a bit disappointed but as I more or less grew up with the traditional plot driven, ‘case of the week’ mysteries, I’m fine with that. The actual ‘detection’ work – solving of the cases and unraveling mysteries has always been the main draw for me anyway. Anything extra is a bonus. Continue reading

First Impressions: Vampire Detective

I like a good mystery and I also like supernatural stories, so a genre mashup of seluthing + supernatural is like something made especially for me. 😉 Despite of there having been a plethora of vampire shows in the recent past, I don’t think that particular combination is one that’s been done to death. A lot hinges on the script of course and how much new ‘blood’, pardon the pun, TPTB are able to insert into the story. Continue reading