Thoughts on: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

Very fangirly thoughts at best (UhmForce!! *g*). I wasn’t all that impressed with the drama in the end. The OTP got in my nerves the worst way with their to-ing and fro-ing. Not really pimping this one…. I guess. ;P

(LJ 19/5/2009)

I did start with Delightful Girl Choon Hyang as I promised. Bit of older UTW before Queen SD (Edit. OMG! One of the most boring dramas I’ve ever had the questionable pleasure to sit through. The agony! LOL!) starts on Monday, ha. I like it well enough though it’s not something I could not live without. The main couple is ever so cute but at the beginning of the story they are highschoolers and I can’t really relate. It’s been eons since my school days.

The story so far has been fun but I’m now in EP 6 and the angst is already setting in. I also already hate the Secondary Girl. She’s promising to be a real bitch. UTW’s character, Byun Hak Do has so far been very normal and nice (and yummy) but reliable sources tell me that he’ll turn into a proper K-drama Crazy Other Guy you want to stab…. with a dull knife. I’m sure he’ll be worthy of my utter contempt, UTW never did anything by halves. XD

On the other hand…. one might take the tie Byun Hak Do wears when we fist meet him as a sign of things to come……. Ah, K-drama fahions.


Well, to compensate turning our UTW into a hateful human being the TPTB give us some fanservice by making him have a bath and then run around wearing just a towel. (In Handphone they made him take his shirt off and dance on a table. Don’t you just love fanservice?)
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Thoughts on: Nine Tailed Fox

This was when I could stil be moved by Teh Pretteh. *g*

(LJ 10/11/2008)

Western mythology has blood sucking vampires and in Asia they have human liver eating foxes, well in one form of the legend they do. These foxes can assume human form but are much stronger and faster. Here’s a Wiki article of the Korean verson of the Fox legend for those interesteed in the background. 🙂

While waiting for more subs to “Kingdom of the Wind” I decided to take on Gumiho/Nine Tailed Fox/Forbidden Love. It was pretty much fun to watch, up till the end that is. But then, I just knew it was going to end in tragedy. Sigh. I got so engrossed in the story that I pulled two allnighters back to back and was more or less wasted come Fri night Sat morning. I just could not stop!

Spoilert! I totally give way the ending so don’t read the last chaper if you don’t want to know.
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Thoughts on: Stranger Than Paradise

(LJ 6/1/2010)

I’ve realised that I totally suck at recs. I know I like something because, well… I like it. ;P Telling ‘why’ intelligently is quite another thing entirely. So, this is going to be totally biased and very non analytical write-up on a K-drama Stranger than Paradise/Heaven.

Pics and some spoilers under this

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