Random Musings

Reading through the posts @ Dramabeans this past week, it seems like Drama Slump™ is an epidemic within the intl drama community. So… apparently I wasn’t the only one. I’ve of course had the Drama Drought going for several years now but it’s only recently that I’ve arrived in the Slump territory. Continue reading


Thoughts On: Black & White

                                  See, it really was black and white. Subtle… not. 😛

What with the Beach Blossom Madness, talking about the charms of Mark Chao with kfangurl @ The Fangirl Verdict, I suddenly got the urge to make a little trip along the memory lane. 🙂 Which lead me to my old Black & White post @ LJ. And that sent me down the rabbit hole of B&W OST songs and clips of promo footage at YT and finally skip-watching bits and pieces of B&W episodes. I have such fond memories of group watching the drama and all the flailing. For some reason I never managed a proper post for B&W but here is collection of my fangirly reaction posts at the time I was actually watching the drama, back in the day. No major spoilers there and I’ve blacked out the bits that reveal a bit too much of the plot.^^
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Favourite Drama OSTs

I love music, always have. A good soundtrack can enhance a show’s appeal and when thoughtfully used, adds an extra layer to many of the scenes. Just as a bad one can throughly spoil the whole experience. We all know a drama or two with the bgm so grating that we’d like to strangle whoever made the musical choices. It may be just me, but the kdrama soundtracks of recent years have been kinda meh, filled with generic, syrupy ballads that fade from memory as soons as the drama has ended. Pretty much like the dramas themselves. Which is why most of my faves are from dramas from several years ago. Those OSTs were often themed to go with certain scenes or characters, which I personally love. The music pieces also seemed to be more varied in genre and sound.

I’ve been thinking about doing a post about some of my favorite drama soundtracks for a while now, but there never seemed to be a good time for it. So, I’ve been collecting the material to be used “some day”. Guess that day is now. 🙂 The “samples” are arranged in loose categories, just to keep them in some sort of order. Beware, it’s a loooong post!

Drama Grab Bag

With RL sudenly getting awfully busy, it feels like I never have enough time for my dramas. Or blogging. I’m also sadly without that one drama which would compell me to tackle episodes with glee as soon as they air. I miss those days when ‘squee’ was a-plenty. Sigh. So, what have I watched recently? Continue reading

Drama Grab Bag

Why is it that when RL gets busy, I find myself with more dramas than I can possibly handle? The recent kdrama daught has had me exploring other avenues with offerings from mainland China and Taiwan in addition to what I can pick up from Japan. The thing is, I now seem to have amassed a list of c- and tw-dramas to watch and have couple jdramas queued up too. On top of that are all the new kdramas that look promising… It never rains but it pours. Continue reading