Thoughts on: The Pursuit of Happiness

Pretty1I haven’t really watched all that many TW-dramas as they generally don’t agree with me. They tend to be too cutsey, OTT and with cringeworthy acting. But every once in a while along comes one that totally wins me over. One that is perhaps not the ‘best drama evah!’, quality wise but has a lot of heart and cast of characters that make me root for them. The Pursuit of Happines is one of those. It came highly recommended by Mookie, a blogging pal of mine and as she is even pickier than me with her choices, I was preeeeetty sure I would not be disappointed. 🙂 Which I wasn’t either. I throughly enjoyed my journey with Yi Kang and her lovely Lei Lei.
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A bit of this and a bit of that

Another one bites the dust. God’s Gift went out with yet another WTF! ending aaannnd thus it got scratched from my to-watch pile. I’m glad to have dodged the bullet with opting out not to watch it as it aired. My spidey senses told me after the first couple of epis, that it’s better to wait and see. Was I right, or was I right? ;P I wonder what’ll be the fate of Three Days…?

These days is almost more nerve wrecking to wait for a kdrama to end than watching a suspensefull thriller. Sigh. So, thank god for Pan Ahn Seok! I don’t have the smallest doubt that Secret Love Affair will have an ending it deserves.

SLA has more or less spoiled every other kdrama for me atm. I even had to take a break with Wonderful Season, which I’ve quite liked so far. Well, that one is a 50 ep family drama, so a short pause may actually be a good move.

Instead of kdramas I’ve been watching more western tv shows, couple of jdramas and I finally picked up The Pursuit of Happiness, a tw-drama I’ve had on The List of Doom for a while now. TPoH came highly recommended by Mookie, a good blogging buddy who is very hard to please, LOL! She was not wrong about it either, I’m loving the mellow feel of TPoH and a lead pair with lovely chemistry. 🙂 A post will probably appear at some point. I think.

I’m very good at procrastinating, which is why I decided to tinker a bit more with the blog instead of tackling stuff related to my studies. Added a link to my tumbler and a new sidebar widget-thingy that’ll be featuring yt vids of some of my fave songs/performers. XD The group featured atm is the first Korean vocal group I got to know and love; Monday Kiz.