Drama grab bag

This is going to be VERY jdrama heavy as those are what I’ve been mostly watching recently. With kdramas getting on my nerves, I’ve yet again turned to my list of Japanese shows and found several perfectly catering to my taste. XD I know I’m hard to please when it comes to certain aspects of dramas but on the other hand I don’t need much to make me happy. A decent enough script, characters I can root for, some fun (of the non OTT kind), no convoluted histronics or manufactured angst and a lot of heart – which leaves most kdramas these days out of the contention. Even though the Japanese drama scene isn’t actually much better than it’s Korean conterpart, I’ve still been able to pick up quite a few that fit the bill. Dramas that put a grin on my face or alternately leave me with that ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’, as that is something I seem to need atm.
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