About Mask and melodramas…

Any of you who predicted this, raise a hand. XD Well, at least it’s not an outright dismissal as I’ve put the drama on hold for the time being. All Teh Stupid™ was making my blood preassure rise so I deemed it best to watch the rest of this sucker at one sweeping go, once it’s finished. That way I can FF through all the more idiotic stuff.
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Orange Marmelade – episodes 3-4

The first thought after I’d finished ep 4 was “Eeeh? What the heck was that?”. Gone was the flow and the lovely dream like feel of the first two episodes. In fact, most of the things that made the beginning so winsome had more or less vanished. Did they suddenly change the director as it felt like I wasn’t watching the sama drama anymore? It wouldn’t be the first time when a good start gets mangled in the following episodes, I just didn’t expect it to happen with this particular drama. The beginning had felt so assured of it’s style and direction.
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