Of Monks and Masters has subs! πŸ˜²

OMG, seriously!! I had more or less given up hope ever seeing subs for Monks.

I went on YT just a while ago to check something in the last epi and saw that it was subbed! I was utterly flabbergasted but ecstatic. πŸ˜€ I then checked all the other episodes, alas – epis 2-3 and 8 are still unsubbed. Still, that’s better than nothing and having the last two episodes with subs is more important anyway, as those are the crucial ones. Gosh, what a wonderful surprise this was. Guess I’ll be rewatching all the subbed epis in the near future. *happy dance* πŸŽ‰

EDIT 18.7.2022 – All episodes now have subs! πŸŽ† Here’s a playlist for all of them.

Of Monks and Masters – Round Two

There are shows I like a lot. There are shows I re-watch from time to time. Then there are those elusive shows I re-watch… no, I’m almost compelled to re-watch right away, after I’m done with the last episode. That is a very rare unicorn indeed. Of Monks and Masters is one of those. Which is why it’s more or less the only drama I’ve watched since before Christmas. I’ve been totally captivated and nothing else compares.
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Thoughts on: Of Monks and Masters

It is so rare these days to bump into a drama that totally captures me, to the point of pushing everything else aside. Of Monks and Masters / δΎ εƒ§ζŽ’ζ‘ˆδΌ ε₯‡… or as my pal Mookie calls it, “Tales of a wuxia-hero-monk-detective” managed to do just that. I got so absorbed in it that I had the hardest of times stepping back for a brether. I really had to fight the compulsion to just keep going till the end. The oddest part is that there are no subs for the drama and save for a word here, another there I don’t understand a lick of Chinese. o_O
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