Drama Grab Bag

I’ve finally found some time to jot together a fiew thoughts on dramas I’ve been watching. It feels like it’s been ages since the last time I posted anything. Life is still uncommonly full with ‘stuff’ to do. Never expected that. To keep even somewhat on top of my dramas I’ve actually started to make notes, carrying a notebook with me and writing bits and pieces on my way to work, LOL! It seems to work though.
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Thoughts On: Black & White

                                  See, it really was black and white. Subtle… not. 😛

What with the Beach Blossom Madness, talking about the charms of Mark Chao with kfangurl @ The Fangirl Verdict, I suddenly got the urge to make a little trip along the memory lane. 🙂 Which lead me to my old Black & White post @ LJ. And that sent me down the rabbit hole of B&W OST songs and clips of promo footage at YT and finally skip-watching bits and pieces of B&W episodes. I have such fond memories of group watching the drama and all the flailing. For some reason I never managed a proper post for B&W but here is collection of my fangirly reaction posts at the time I was actually watching the drama, back in the day. No major spoilers there and I’ve blacked out the bits that reveal a bit too much of the plot.^^
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First Impressions

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
I came to the end of Ep 3 and suddenly realised what had been bothering me all the way through – I don’t particularly like this show. Well, there are parts I was ok with. Some of the comedic moments managed to get a guaff out of me and I like our male lead, who is a bit strange in a fun way but that’s about it. Not feeling any of the other characters, though I guess the gangsters will turn out to be more significant than just passing comic relief. I also think that Bong Soon is rather annoying, too cutsey and dim. I don’t see any real depth in her. I don’t think Park Bo Young is at fault here but rather it’s the way the character has been written. Gook Doo is supposed to be rather stoic and by the book but unfortunately he just comes off stiff and sort of ‘beige’. A better actor would probably have been able to infuse some life in the character.

I was pretty much on the fence already after the first 2 episodes as I felt the plot to be a bit too ‘busy’. There’s already someone targeting Min Hyuk, so adding a creepy killer/abductor into the mix seems like an overkill. I could understand if they played the crime part for laughs but this isn’t the case here. Kdramas seldom manage to mix genres in a satifying way, especially if the said genres are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was watching two different shows.

Father is Strange
I haven’t watched a weekend family drama in ages but I like what I’ve seen of this one so far. It’s rather funny with surprisingly poinganant moments here and there. And it isn’t just the father who is strange but the whole main cast of characters is a bit zany, ha. There also doesn’t seem to be any makjangy baddies, the only antagonistic char is more to be pitied than despised. The plot is rather predictable but oddly comforting at the same time. In a typical kdrama way the drama’s world is also sort of condensed. Everyone is connected in some way. We skipped the birth secret this time but there is a false indentity thingy going on instead.

It’s a 50 epi drama so the first fiew episodes have been mostly set up and character introductions. I’m looking forward to Lee Joon’s char inserting himself into the family and the highjinks that’ll ensure. Joong Hee is a hoot. A former idol turned (bad) actor with an overblown ego, underlaying insecurites and a bad temper. It’s a character that could easily be very one note but fortunately there seems to be more to him than meets the eye at first glance.

It’s early days yet so no guarantees I’ll stick with this till the end. The start was promising though.
On the roster – for now

Short Cuts

Guess it’s no surprise to anyone that I’m forever on a different page than the rest of the world when it comes to those popular/hyped up dramas. 😀 It’s just recently that I’ve truly figured out that it’s mainly because I don’t like the writers’ style and how they construct their plots and characters. It’s either ‘I couldn’t care less’ or they irritate me enough for me to give the drama Das Boot.

Take the fishy tale… I mean Lengend of the Blue Sea for instance. I watched the first two episodes and ended up FFing through most of them. The whole thing sure looked pretty but felt like an extended travel advert for Spain. Could not connect to neither the story nor the characters. Yes, some of the mermaid fish-out-of-water high jinks were funny but those scenes felt tacked on and didn’t sit well within the overall flow. Not that this was any sort of surprise, I didn’t particularly care for the Starman thingy either and dropped it very early on. Just didn’t feel the force, besides it gave me a bad case of Kim Soo Hyun allergy, still ongoing. *g*

People also seem to really love dramas based on Ding Mo’s novels… I don’t, ha. I watched Love Me, If You Dare till it became focused on the romance, which is when I lost interest for good. It wasn’t a particularly interesting show to begin with but it went nowhere fast for me after the loveydovey started, especially as I didn’t feel any chemistry in it. Also watched several episodes of currently airing Snail and Memory Lost but found both of them wanting. Guess this will be the last time I’ll try anything based on the writer’s works as her stories just don’t work for me. Never been a big fan of mystery/romance hybrids as it is.

I’ve already said my piece on Dr Qin in my previous post. In terms of execution, writing and acting it’s the best of the currently airing Chinese mystery/detective shows. Pity it’s not subbed and most likely won’t be either.

Rather than Blue Sea I found Weightlifting Fairy and Geum Bi much more to my taste. Both went directly on The List, though Weightlifting Fairy may end up in the rotation if I don’t feel like picking up any of the dramas still on hold.