7 for 7 ~ GOT it? :)

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A Totally Random Kpop Post^^

Gosh, I LOVE this song! It’s been on repeat since yesterday, I just can’t stop listening to it. Love everything about it, even the lyrics are meaningful. But then, B.A.P are know for social commentary in their songs.

Annnnd, Bang Yong Guk is back, bless him. Hope he doesn’t overextend himself this promo round as panic disorder is not something you can just casually shrug off.

They’ve also released the dance version and needless to say I love the choreo too. 😀

A Totally Random Kpop Post

I don’t follow kpop much any longer, which is why I tend to miss comebacks for even the groups I actully DO like. 🙂 Well, this week was the start of promotions for two of my faves, B.A.P and BTOB. I love both of the title tracks, as different as they are… though oddly enough both have “betrayal” as the theme of their MVs.^^
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A totally random kpop post

Gosh how I love good vocals! I mean, I do enjoy watching groups that rely heavily on dance routines, but give me a good vocal group and I’m in heaven. XD

VROMANCE debuted this week, but of course they’ve been around a lot longer. The boys have been putting out videos since around 2014 and are from the same agency (RBW) as MAMAMOO, so I guess great vocals are a given.
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