About Mask and melodramas…

Any of you who predicted this, raise a hand. XD Well, at least it’s not an outright dismissal as I’ve put the drama on hold for the time being. All Teh Stupid™ was making my blood preassure rise so I deemed it best to watch the rest of this sucker at one sweeping go, once it’s finished. That way I can FF through all the more idiotic stuff.
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So… about Mask

Anyone who thinks that this one is going to follow any other logic but it’s very own, will surely set themselves up for a painful fall. XD

Still lamenting for the departure of the hilariously off kilter tone of the first 2 episodes as I found it SO entertaining. Some of that humour is intact though and the drama hasn’t plunged into the more maudlin melo as of yet. The story is sprinkled with these snippets of funny scenes and the shift between them and the more serious fare is pretty seamless. I just wish there were more of the funnies in each epi. The characters continue to be drawn with a slightly bigger brush and a generous hand. To me it looks like especially JJH and YJH are enjoying this. *g*
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First Impressions: Mask

Long makjangy melos are SO not my thing but as I’m evidently a glutton for punishment, every once in a while I try one out for size, only to bail out in horror at some point. Too much crazy. XD I didn’t watch Secret, for obvious reasons, but the cast in Mask was just too tempting so I decided to give it a go, even while thinking that I’ll live to regret it, ha.

I’d seen the trailers and thought that something was ever so slightly off with them. On the surface they made Mask seem like your garden variety melo but there was just something… not quite right. What I didn’t count for was how much off this whole thing is.
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