Thoughts on: Lovers

(LJ 22/3/2008)

Yes, I’m now going to blather about Lovers – a lot, so you’ve been warned. ;P I need to get this baby to bed, it’s been crowding my thoughts far too much of late. Lovers is another K-drama and they really seem to be utter crack for me. I can’t start watching one without getting obsessive. So I think I’m going to take a little break now. Anyhow here’s some thoughts upon Lovers.
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Thoughts on: Stranger Than Paradise

(LJ 6/1/2010)

I’ve realised that I totally suck at recs. I know I like something because, well… I like it. ;P Telling ‘why’ intelligently is quite another thing entirely. So, this is going to be totally biased and very non analytical write-up on a K-drama Stranger than Paradise/Heaven.

Pics and some spoilers under this

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