Thoughts on: Nine Tailed Fox

This was when I could stil be moved by Teh Pretteh. *g*

(LJ 10/11/2008)

Western mythology has blood sucking vampires and in Asia they have human liver eating foxes, well in one form of the legend they do. These foxes can assume human form but are much stronger and faster. Here’s a Wiki article of the Korean verson of the Fox legend for those interesteed in the background. 🙂

While waiting for more subs to “Kingdom of the Wind” I decided to take on Gumiho/Nine Tailed Fox/Forbidden Love. It was pretty much fun to watch, up till the end that is. But then, I just knew it was going to end in tragedy. Sigh. I got so engrossed in the story that I pulled two allnighters back to back and was more or less wasted come Fri night Sat morning. I just could not stop!

Spoilert! I totally give way the ending so don’t read the last chaper if you don’t want to know.
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