Thoughts on: Just You

It was Nov of 2011 and I managed to sort of accidentally acquire another drama to watch on top of my usual roster. The drama in question was Just You/Only You/My One and Only and my first taste of a daily drama. Yeah, one of those with 100+ episodes and still without subs at the time I decided to dive in. Clearly something was wrong with me. LOL! I decided that it’d be strictly filler, not to be followed religiously (unless I got obsessed and in that case all bets would be off). The chances were that I might even bail out in horror or get bored to death at some later date but the first 2 episodes were rather cute, so … Besides, it had sweetie Seo Joon Young (OMG, he was adorable!) as the lead and Han Hye Rin (Ra Ra in ‘Gisaeng’) as his OTP. Being a daily the drama has gzillion other characters so it took a while to place them, let alone remember what they were called, ha. Even harder to do with no subs but as it’s a KBS drama, there were subbed KBSWorld epis later on.

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