Favourite artist alert – Ha Dong Kyun

One my random musical posts. Just ignore it if of no interest. 🙂

One day, last week I was surfing through some k-ent blogs and came across one with a SoundCloud sidebar featuring Ha Dong Kyun’s latest album, Word. “What the what?!” – “He’s got a new album out… when?” Turns out it had dropped just a few days before my chance encounter with that particular blog.

If there is one solo singer I love even more than all my favourite solo singers put together, it’s this guy. And he was a random find too, ha. Last year, another chance encounter on another blog. A video snippet from Immortal Song 2 featuring a singer I’d never even heard of before. Might as well watch, I thought, as it came highly recommended. The moment he started singing I was transfixed. Boy, can this guy sing! And right there and then I fell in love… with his voice. It’s so soulful, raw and powerful and it struck me right there, in the heart. I was in tears when the song ended. More than a year and several listens later and it still moves me, Every.Single.Time.

I’ve watched some of his intervews and he always comes off as a very earnest and humble guy with a sense of humour. What you see, is what you get – no pretending or putting on airs. His words are his own and not conocted by some image consious PR person. I’ve been a fan of CN Blue a lot longer and wanted to see them live for ages, but if I had a chance to go either to their concert or HDK’s concert, I’d choose the latter. No contest. This post is dedicated to the one and only Ha Dong Kyun, with ‘the voice you can’t forget once you hear him sing’.^^
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