Thoughts On: Black & White

                                  See, it really was black and white. Subtle… not. 😛

What with the Beach Blossom Madness, talking about the charms of Mark Chao with kfangurl @ The Fangirl Verdict, I suddenly got the urge to make a little trip along the memory lane. 🙂 Which lead me to my old Black & White post @ LJ. And that sent me down the rabbit hole of B&W OST songs and clips of promo footage at YT and finally skip-watching bits and pieces of B&W episodes. I have such fond memories of group watching the drama and all the flailing. For some reason I never managed a proper post for B&W but here is collection of my fangirly reaction posts at the time I was actually watching the drama, back in the day. No major spoilers there and I’ve blacked out the bits that reveal a bit too much of the plot.^^
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Thoughts On: Fermentation Family

Oh, I’d totally forgotten I had this sitting in my draft folder. It’s the last one of Archeological Finds aka old posts from my LJ. Somehow 2012 now feels like a lot further away than it truly is. The promo material for Fermentation Family was really uninspiring for a drama with such a pretty setting, even the posters were bland. It really deserved much better.

The background of this drama is a traditional Korean restaurant that is famous with its Kimchi. Through the joyful and touching stories of the restaurant family members, who are not that perfect in their lives, and the variety of stories of the restaurant guests with all kinds of characteristics, the drama suggests a direction of a heart-moving ‘alternative family’.

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Closing thoughts on The Mystic Nine

Mystic9 is nowhere near a perfect drama and has it’s fair share of annoyances but none of them managed to damper my enjoyment. It was just perfect way to wind down and have the analytical, logic brain take a short vacation. Sometimes a simple story without any pretensions or delusions of grandeur is all that you need. Continue reading

The Mystic Nine – a visual feast of sorts^^

Welcome to The Pretty that is the world of Old Nine Gates (Lao Jiu Men), the nine grave robbing families of Changsha. And that ‘pile’ up there is the humble abode of nbr 1 of the Nine Gates, Zhang Qi Shan aka Fo Ye. It’s equally impressive inside. XD Ah, all that for just one man and his servants, though he does manage to aquire a wifey around ep 10. She’s a doll. Continue reading

2-3 EPs of ILiCDD a day, to keep the blues away…

The tittle says it all. I Live in Cheongdam-dong is a total happy pill. Life’s been a bit on the moody side lately and I felt I needed something to cheer me up. ILiCDD is just about the perfect thing to do the trick. I remembered how good it always made me feel, so I ventured on to watch an odd episode here, another there. Once again I laughed like a hyena, teared up, went ‘aaaawwww…’ and felt much, much better because of the uplifting spirit of this gem of a drama. On that note I decided to resurrect the posts I wrote while watching ILiCDD back in 2012 (with a few minor edits). I can’t beileve it’s been 4 years already!
Oh, How I Heart You, Drama!