Drama talk

I seem to be on a roll so why stop now. XD The way things have been going this this year I may get uncommonly busy again all of a sudden. Even if I am on vacation right now.

So, dramas. I’m watching WAY too many. What’s with the deluge of decent enough dramas all of a sudden? I get half a year of mostly rubbish and then every other drama premiering has potential. Ya..y? Continue reading

Drama talk

A long highlights preview of Joseon Gunman is out and it’s still looking so very promising. Trying not to get my hopes too far up though.

Yoo Na’s Street is shaping up to be much better than I expected. Nine episodes in and I’m loving the down to earth feel of it. It’s refreshing to see a drama about ordinary people leading pretty mundane, ordinary lives. Well, most of the characters are petty criminals or ex criminals. Galmour couldn’t be further off of their lives. What is more shocking is that these characters act and react to situations like normal people. I’ve also yet to see even a wiff of ott makjang or manufactured angst. Very slice of life with characters I can root for and they haven’t forgotten humour either. Keep it up show! Kooriyuki @ The Cat That Watches TV has written a petty nifty first impressions -post on the drama, in case anyone wants a bit more in depth look on it. 🙂

A New Leaf is still quite entertaining. It’s a shame they cut it by 2 episodes but at least it won’t get draggy now. The leagal stuff has still a tendency to make my eyes glaze over but at least I haven’t dozed off at any point, LOL! I’m invested enough to want Team Lawer Kim to win over the big, bad law firm. It’s a mystery how Kim Myung Min can be SO cute at times. There was a scene where he looked like a little boy. I wanted to pinch his cheeks. XD

What’s on the plate right now

Although I have several dramas on rotation atm, none of them truly owns me the way e.g. Secret Love Affair did. They are all sort of comfy watches but pretty different from one another. So far I’ve been enjoying all, I’m just not compelled to write about any of them. That extra ‘squee!-factor’ has proven quite elusive in recent years. Which is why I’m always very happy when one of those dramas come along. 🙂

So, what am I watching then? Let’s see….

[No spoilers for the plots, just some general rambling abut the dramas in question.]
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