Ever Night OST songs

I didn’t fall in love just with the cinematography of Ever Night but also with the soundtrack. Combined they probably make about one third of my enjoyement of the drama. *g* I would really, really love to get a full album… I wonder if it’s available somewhere. Here is a collection of OST songs I was able to find floating around YT. Enjoy!
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Year in Dramas 2018

As people have probably noticed, I haven’t been doing a lot of posting this year. Mostly due to lack of time as I’ve been a lot busier with Real Life than I used to be. That’s not the only reason though. As time goes by I’m finding it much harder to find dramas to watch. I don’t think my taste has dramatically changed but rather I’ve become more and more picky and less forgiving for some of the flaws even decent dramas inevitably have. I’ve started and dopped SO many dramas this year and there are even more that didn’t interest me enough to even check them out.
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How it all started ~ The Legend

This year is sort of an anniversary for me as it was 10 years ago when I discovered Korean dramas. My, where did the time go?! 😀 I always planned on doing something to commemorate this “grand” event but never seemed to have the time. And what better way to do it than write about my first kdrama ever, The Legend or ‘The Story of the First King’s Four Gods’, as it’s also called. For some odd reason I never did write a proper post on The Legend way back when. Maybe I was too immersed in the drama to be able to form a cohersive thought on it. *g* The year is drawing to a close, so I thought it’s now or never if I want this post to be done in 2018. A picture heavy post ahead

“Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi” Revisited

Korean adaptations/remakes of Japanese dramas have a tendency to go somewhat awry as each country’s approach to making dramas differs in places. Japanese dramas are often more down to earth and mostly feel quite real. Of course they can also be quirky in that special jdrama way that is hard to reproduce. The characters are usually pretty average as well, in a sense that there are generally no uber rich chaebol types or “geniuses” of every field ever. There’s plenty of normal worker bees of differen fields, middle cass office workers and well paid professionals though. I’m talking about the “regular” jdramas here, the multitudes of manga adaptations and school themed dramas are different beasts all together. Kdramas on the other hand often notably put an emphasis on romance, even in stories where romance doesn’t really fit in, as that seems to be what the viewers mostly want. And kdramas on the whole are very, very serious about giving the viewers what they want, even if it proves dergatory to the plot. When you mix that particular quirk of kdramas with a Japanese melo you’ll more than likely get a “Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky/Smile Has Left Your Eyes”. A watered down version with a tragic romantic OTP and an ending that felt like a cop-out to many.

I knew from the outset that I would not be watching the Korean remake. I’d seen the original and had no real interest in the Korean version as I had a feeling it would’t be able to capture the feel of the jdrama. Korean’s don’t generally do controversial topics, so I was sure they’d not go with That Ending, which would mean that the characters wouldn’t be the same either. I wasn’t too far off. I was curious enough to read several recaps, reviews and comments though and I realised that I’d forgotten many of the details of the original. So, I decided to rewatch Sora Kara to refresh my memory and to see how I felt about the drama now.
Warning! Major spoilers after this

Drama Grab Bag

I wouldn’t say it’s been a drama draught this year but it has been uncommonly hard sticking with anything. I pick up dramas but after a fiew episodes my inital interest starts to fade and finally I just drop them without much ado. There’s been SO many of these. Even dramas that should be right up my alley turn out to be duds and get discarded without so much as a backward glance. I’ve lamented before about my lack of drama time, so I’ve become even pickier than I already was. I have no time for dramas that fail to hook me within the first fiew episodes. I may have missed some good ones this way but not too many as I’m pretty good at spotting those that fit me. There are also couple of shows I’ve got queued to dramathon at some later date. Life being one of those. I love Forest of Secrets and even though medical dramas are not really my thing, I’m pretty sure TPTB have managed to make even this setting worth watching. 🙂
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Thoughts On: Life on Mars (Korea)

When I first heard about the Korean remake of Life on Mars, I was really sceptical about it being properly done, as Korea doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to remakes and I loved the original British show. Happy to be proven wrong in this case. 🙂 Korean LoM is very good indeed. They kept the original framework, even some of the more iconic scenes, but filled it with plenty of local color. The story felt at the same time familiar and new. This is one of the rare cases where the marriage of original content and Korean flavor works like a charm. Continue reading

Guardian – A Summer Popsicle^^

I don’t know what’s with me these days but I seem to be watching more fluff that usually. 😀 Could be the persistent heatwave that’s been going on since mid May. There are times I think my brain has finally melted, ha. Anyway, summer is sort of perfect time to watch something less demanding, regardless of the overall quality. Leave your brain at the door, your belief suspended above it and just enjoy. *g* Of course, the show in question has to appeal to you in some way, otherwise why bother? Continue reading