A Totally Random Kpop Post^^

Gosh, I LOVE this song! It’s been on repeat since yesterday, I just can’t stop listening to it. Love everything about it, even the lyrics are meaningful. But then, B.A.P are know for social commentary in their songs.

Annnnd, Bang Yong Guk is back, bless him. Hope he doesn’t overextend himself this promo round as panic disorder is not something you can just casually shrug off.

They’ve also released the dance version and needless to say I love the choreo too. 😀


Content robbers afoot :(

One of the more unsavoury features of the internet life is that if you share something freely, there are always those who will exploit your generosity and swipe the contents for their own use, usually to gain something from it.

Unfortunately Mr Kwon @ Dramajjang (among several other k-ent bloggers) has had many of his post contents stolen by one of those pesky sites (zkpop.com) that copypastes other people’s lovingly composed thoughts and passes them as their own. I have no intention of visiting the place to see what they’ve actually got there but I’m pretty sure it’s full of ads (and possibly other less bening things – ewww… I feel dirty just by having written that) to earn money. Sites like the aforementioned have always been around in some form or other and like cockcroaches they’ll probably survive a direct hit with a nuke so getting rid of them is neigh impossible. All one can do is try to make people aware so that they don’t visit sites (hah, I wrote ‘shaite’ first, how apt) like these even accidentally.

Here’s a link to Kwon’s original post.

Another post by Kwon, after he’d done some seluthing to find out how the thieves operate to hide the fact that the content is not theirs.

A very informative post by NeeNee @ Asian Addicts Anonymys about content theft and plagiarism.