Thoughts On: The Package

Overshadowed by more popular, but not necessarily better dramas, The Package flew under the radar for most. Probably because the cast doesn’t have any “crowd pleasers” and the premise sounds like it would be your typical light fluff, padded with some touristy advertising for France. Well, turned out it actually has substance and those who watched the drama were pleasantly surprised. Continue reading


A dig into the archives – 2010

I recently did some digging in my old LJ account to find something I’d written about an older drama and thus came across couple of old posts that I thought might merit a re-posting. Here’s the first one. Written when I was still a relateive noob and had stamina to marathon dramas. 🙂
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Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophesy

I think people have been waiting what feels like hundred years for this. 😀 I remember being all impressed with the trailers and occasional production photos released early 2016. Sometimes it can take years for cdramas to get an air date, so Tribes & Empires actually came out pretty fast. Considering it’s a huge production with plenty of cgi, locasion shoots and a very large cast. Continue reading

Drama Grab Bag

🎶It’s a beautiful skyyyy… There is not a cloouuud…🎶 Ah-hem. Sorry, been listening far too much GOT7 in the past fiew weeks. So, let’s get on with it then… After a mini drama slump I managed to find several kdramas to watch. Lo and behold, the age of miracles is not over yet! ;D Continue reading