My foray into the world of dramas was quite accidental, as these things so often go. Way back in early 2008 or thereabouts, a lovely lady on my LJ friends list posted some gorgeous icons. They were so colourful and vibrant that I just had to ask her about them. Turned out they were from a Korean historical drama The Legend. I had no earthly idea what Korean dramas were about but I sure wanted to watch this one! With a little help from friends more savy about the whole drama watching experience, I was soon on a steep learning curve on where to find what and how to watch what I found. Thus I aquired my first Korean drama and fell promptly in love, with the medium and the language. Well, my love for kdramas has since then cooled off considerably but my love for the language is still going strong. I now have  some sort of grasp of basic Korean, though my voacab is still very limited and I can’t form a proper sentence if my life depended on it. But… I am able to follow most kdramas without subtitles, which can be very helpful. πŸ™‚

Korean dramas were the first, but as soon as the initiation period was over I did start exploring the drama world of other Asian countries as well. Over the years I’ve watched quite a few jdramas and some tw-dramas but these days it seems that cdrmas and especially Chinese historicals/costume dramas are the ones I’m watching the most.

Unfortunately my leisure time is much more limited than it used to be, which means I also don’t have as much time for dramas and posting about them as before. Not that I was ever all that prolific to begin with. πŸ™‚

Few facts:

  • I prefer meaty, well written stories over fluff
  • I tend to navigate towards procedurals, crime/detective stories, mystries, historicals, family dramas (with as little makjang as possible), slice-of-life, properly made romantic dramas (not a big fan of romcoms though)
  • non-shipper, but I do have my character preferences
  • friendship over romance
  • prone to unpopular opinions on popular actors and dramas
  • Teh Pretteh don’t do it, if the story sucks like a Hoover – ditto, even if my ultimate bias is in it
  • my makjang allergy is seriously baaaaaad
  • Zhang Ryo Yun, anyone? πŸ˜€

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