OMG, Shinhwa is actually back!

Well, techincally it’s just half of Shinhwa but still. šŸ˜€ My fist and forever kpop love. It’s been SO long since they were active as a group. I’d more or less given up hope ever seeing them together again, so half of Shinhwa is better than none.

Flash is such a fun, happy bop and I just can’t stop moving along. It puts a big smile on my face.

Here’s the performance video (one take version). These ahjussis still got it. šŸ˜

Live perf @ JTBC K-909

10 thoughts on “OMG, Shinhwa is actually back!

  1. Timescout – I had to really look at these videos in YT. I thought the top video was them back in the day and the bottom was now (I did not tread the title that says 1st stage performance) only to find out I had them backwards. They look the same in both videos. I am not into KPop but this post was very cool. Great song that reminds me of Shinee’s “View” – it makes you happy and makes you want to dance along.

    • Every time I listen to Flash I’m grinning like the cheshire cat. Can’t help myself. šŸ˜„ Actually, both videos are from this comeback. The guys are aging very graciously, though their dancing now is more in line with their age. šŸ™‚ Better leave acrobatics and fancy moves to the youngsters.

        • I just watched them in a variety type show yesterday and they are just as chaotic and cracked as ever, so that has not changed. šŸ˜† Shinhwa has always been fun to watch as they really have no shame and don’t mind being total goofballs, nor making fun of themselves.

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