A blast from the past – The Nuts

Well, it’s actually not that far off in the past, but it is a blast from my kpop past. πŸ˜€ In one of the comment threads at kfangurl’s Queen In Hyun’s Man group watch post, there was a discussion about Ji Hyun Woo’s music carreer. This got me thinking about his first band, The Nuts whom I was a big fan of back in the day. Which in turn sent me to my old tumblr account in search of a tribute post I once made for them. Yup, I used to have a kpop dedicated tumblr. It didn’t last very long and got left by the wayside when I lost interest in it, ha. I never cancelled the account though, so it’s still around, gathering dust. Anyway, I got the notion of re-posting the whole thing here (with a few updates and edits). Might be of interest to some… or not.

The Nuts (더넛츠) is one of my earliest kpop faves and still a group I do love. They played mostly poprock ballads, many veeeeery sad and depressing with MVs to match. πŸ˜† There are about a handful of people who have even heard of The Nuts and most probably know about the group only because of Ji Hyun Woo, but to me the group has always been about Park Joon Shik and his awesome voice.

The Nuts started out in 2001 with 5 members:

  • main vocals: Park Joon Shik
  • guitar/vocals: Ji Hyun Woo
  • keyboard: Kang Il
  • drums: Kim Woo Kyung
  • bass: Kim Hyun Joong

They debuted 2003 in a MBC drama νšŒμ „λͺ©λ§ˆ / Merry Go Round as a highschool band ‘I.O.S’, in which Lee Dong Wook’s character was the lead singer. Back in the day there was a rather amusing clip @ YT from the drama. In it the guys as I.O.S were playing in a (school?) concert. Pity it’s gone now.

How cut they were, LOL!


  • 2004 The Nuts
  • 2006 Whispers of Love
  • 2008 Could’ve Been
  • 2008 Crazy Love
  • 2009 Truth J

Sometime after the release of their first album Kim Hyun Joong and Kang Il left the band and it continued with just three of the original members; Joon Shik, Woo Kyung and Hyun Woo.

They only properly promoted the 3rd album and then more or less disappeared from the public eye. Park Joon Shik left to do his military service early 2009 and The Nuts as I knew it ceased to be.

The group got resurrected in Feb 2013 as a duo with 2 new members; vocalist/guitarist Jung Yi Han and bassist Kim Sung Gyeol. In October 2013 they released their first single album; Rebirth with the song ‘Love Note’. Edit: I did some digging and looks like at some point Sung Gyeol left and they added 3 more members; Na Joon Ha (vocal/guitar), Noh Seung Hwan (bass) and Kim Sang Don (drums). The band seems have been at least somewhat active up till 2020.

I liked Love Note a lot but it’s missing one important ingredient – Park Joon Shik’s voice. (Joon Shik and 3 other original members were guests in JTBC’s ‘Sugar Man’ in 2016. He still sounded great. https://youtu.be/H2ngiK5lYgw — and with the others https://youtu.be/U8FlAHLUtSc) I wonder what he’s doing these days.

Live performances arranged by year.
This is the oldest perf of them I’ve been able to find. It’s from 2004 and there were still 5 of them. OMG! Look at those clothes, my eyes… http://youtu.be/gqRRZzmbmxI – μ‚¬λž‘μ˜ 바보


Bunch of other songs... they definitely had a “sound” 😁


2 thoughts on “A blast from the past – The Nuts

  1. Wow, you really were quite a fan! This is basically an anthology of their available works! Thanks Timescout, I honestly would’ve never known about them if you hadn’t told us about it during the group watch!

    • Oh, I went all in with the kpop artists I really, really liked back in the day. Though The Nuts is still a very special case. I have all the albums from the original lineup. The hoops I had to jump through to obtain the 1st one! πŸ˜„ I believe none of the albums are available these days. It’s great that so many of the songs can still be found at YT.

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