A Cat in a Book

Last week, on my way back form a short holiday in Germany, I and my friends were browsing in the airport bookshop. One particular book seemed to be beaconing me. Yes, books do beacon, occasionally and those generally turn out to be books well worth a read. This book, titled “The Cat Who Saved Books”, had a very aestethically pleasing cover with a ginger, tabby cat. I have a bit of a “thing” for ginger tabby cats so this, in addtion to the title, was definitely a sign 😀 The story seemed to be right up my alley too. It turned out to be exactly that, a “heartwarming story about finding courage, caring for others –  and the tremendous power of books”, as it says at the end of the short introduction. I read the whole thing on my flight back, ha. I felt the story was rather “Japanese” in essence and will probably not suit for everyone, but I liked it a lot. Oh, and I think the Finnish translation of the title actually fits better, being “The Cat Who Protected Books”.

I’m quite painfully aware of lack of posts in recent moths, so why am I blathering about a book instead of something drama related? Well, the author is Japanese, Sousuke Natsukawa which sortakinda ties up with the general content of this blog… and there might be others who’d possibly feel like checking the book out. It would actually make a pretty good short drama. 🙂

I’m hoping to get back on track with dramas and blogging in general at some point, just not sure when. At least I’ve finally started to feel like I would be up to writing about dramas again. The first half of this year has unfortunatey been more of the same – work pretty much sucking all energy out of me. ðŸ˜Ķ


One thought on “A Cat in a Book

  1. How nice to find a surprise in a lovely and heartwarming book. It’s fun to just devour a book because it’s so good, hehe 🙂

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