GOT7’s Shakespeare Play

Just another kpop post – feel free to skip. 😉

I’ve loved every single GOT7’s comeback since the 7 for 7 album, which I fell totally in love with. 🙂 What I like about the group is that they don’t sound like most kpop groups these days. There’s always this very “GOT7” feel to each of their songs, regardless of genre. Each release has something different and interesting going for it and I absolutely love their MVs! So creative. The lads are also quite big on telling stories and I believe their latest offering DYE is wholly based on Romeo and Juliet. I love the whole thing, the songs, MV’s, choreos, everything, so of course I was bound to make a post.^^

As with GOT7’s Flight Log Trilogy, the cinematic trailer and the 1st teaser for the title track Not By The Moon tie to the actual MV of the song. Going by the MV ending, people have been speculating that we might get other albums with a similar consept… Interesting.

Cinematic Trailer
Teaser 1

The MV

Studio Choom version
Not By The Moon @ MCountdown ~ That intro! Notice the letters…
AURA @ MCountdown
POISON Studio Choom version
POISON @ MCountdown

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