A.C.E ~ Being vocal aces :)

I have always loved the fact that all of the members of A.C.E are vocalists, even the rappers. Well, the vocalists can rap too, so… 🙂 They all have a slightly different vocal color, which blend nicely to make a lovely, harmonious whole. It’s a pity that A.C.E is still rather underrated, but here are just too many groups around these days. It’s hard to get ahead no matter how good you are, especially if the group is from a smaller company.

Anyways, the vocal line of A.C.E just released a lovely ballad as part of producer Hong Chang Woo’s music project and they promoted it in couple of music shows. An additional way to get the group some recognition.

CHAN, JUN & DONGHUN // First Love / 첫사랑 @ MBC Music Core

They’ve also started getting OST songs to sing. I approve.^^
Where You Are, OST from drama Towards Zero ~ JUN & CHAN
Still Love, OST from drama How To Buy A Frined ~ Kim Byeon Kwan & CHAN

The boys have done covers of other artists since before they debuted and they always ace them. 🙂
All of Me (John Legend) ~ DONGHUN & CHAN
Youngblood (5 Seconds Of Summer)
Easier (5 Seconds Of Summer)
Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) ~ CHAN, JUN & DONGHUN
Boy With a Star (HYUK) ~ CHAN
Love Poem (IU) ~ CHAN, JUN & DONGHUN
Empty Space (James Arthur)

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