Jackson, you killed it! ~100 Ways

I haven’t been keeping tabs on the music scene lately, so I completely missed the release of Jackson’s (of GOT7) new single 100 Ways. I’m glad I caught up now as it’s SO good and I love, love, love the MV! The director of the MV is Daniel Cloud Campos, a dancer himself and the dance crew is The Kinjaz. What I also love is the soundscape, do a 2nd spin and just close your eyes and listen.

I don’t know why Jackson thinks he can’t sing or act as he did just great on both accounts. 🙂 I’m pretty sure that anyone who’s watched even couple of Chinese fantasy costume dramas will recognise the hand movements and will probably also think that the “story” looks familiar. Well, it’s about love that trancends even death, so…

Here’s the video, I’ve watched it far too many times already and now the song is stuck in my head. 😀

5 thoughts on “Jackson, you killed it! ~100 Ways

  1. I fell for this MV like a ton of bricks, from the visual storytelling, the tune, to the precision of the performance.

  2. This MV appeared on my recommendation list a few times but i never clicked on it… but now that i gave it a listen, it is indeed a good one, and the MV is even better!

      • I love a good storylined MV and it has a clear , easy to follow story, even if i may not exactly ‘get’ it. Haha. But yes, the quality is really good!

        (Sorry for the late reply, by the way. Somehow WP didn’t notify me of your reply until today! 🤔)

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