Fangirling on GOT7 ;)

Yes, it’s another kpop post and I do apologize, but GOT7 is just came back and I’m loving it! I know I’ve been claming I don’t have a bias group anymore but I may have been lying through my teeth. LOL! I am beginning to think I do have one. πŸ˜€

I’ve more or less loved everything GOT7 have put out since their 7 for 7 EP. Every title track has been great and I really like that they are all different but still clearly GOT7 songs. It’s a bonus that all of the guys contribute towards their albums, whether it’s composing, writing or producing. I also like the personalities of the members as a group and how they complement each other. There’s a certain kind of synergy that comes from spending much of their teens and then early 20’s together. But that of course is true for most kpop groups in general. I also think seven is a good number of members to have. Enough for rather intricate and showy choreos, yet not too many for me to be able to keep track of each of them. In larger groups there are always members who sort of get lost in the ‘melΓ©’. GOT7 is the only one of my faves now for whom I do watch more than just cursory picks of their bts, making-of and variety etc.

I read somewhere that the fans asked for a more mature comeback and with You Calling My Name they got it. The song is SO smooth! Like silk to my ears, ha. I also like the retro feel of the song, guess it reminds me of my youth.^^ The choreo, well it’s smexy. Those suits, mmmmmmm… they all look so good. Even a crumpy old curmudgeon like me is dazzled. 😍

MCoundown comeback stage

You Calling My Name ~ MV

Thursday ~ Yeah, they can still be boyish and cute. πŸ˜‰

Crash & Burn ~ I really like this one too. GOT7 tends to have great b-sides.

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