ONEUS ~ An Appreciation Post

I don’t pay much attention to the yearly influx of noobs in kpop anymore. There are just too many debuting each year and most of them sound and look more or less the same. That said, every now and then a group comes along and makes me sit up and take notice. Usually it’s a combination of a song that I like from get go and a MV that is eye catching in some way. I also don’t have time to follow the content these noobs put out in various medias, so I don’t really get to know the members in a way I did with my older faves. It’s a YT video here and a variety apparence there. But, at least I’m still able to learn their names, and possibly positions pretty quickly. πŸ™‚

The debut that got me this year is that of ONEUS. I really, really liked Vakyrie, a splendid first outing and the album was great as well. Their 1st comeback song, Twilight wasn’t perhaps quite as catchy but pretty good all the same. Then just a little over a week ago ONEUS had their 2nd comeback and boy, did they do it in style! Valkyrie was such a good song, that I thought it would be hard to top. Well, I was wrong.

κ°€μž / LIT is… well, LIT. πŸ˜€ Though I do prefer the Korean title more. I absolutely love EVERYTHING about the song and the MV! The whole thing is a wonderful celebration of Korean culture. The song and especially the MV are so much fun. Full of life and packed with all sorts of referencs to Korean traditions and even history. I have about a decade of watching kdramas and my share of sageuks behind me, so I was able to pick out several of the references, but it was only after I watched DKDTV’s explanation video I realised how many there actually are.

The song is a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements. Done wrong it could have just ended up trite or even jarring, so I applaud the production team for a job well done. And I applaud ONEUS, or the team behind them (I don’t really know how much say in these matters the boys have), for taking a risk at trying something different. The song certainly stands out. It’s a total earworm too, I’ve had it playing in my head for days now, ha. κ°€μž!

6.10.2019 Inki perf ~ Love the outfits. πŸ™‚ The dance is actually pretty demanding and yet, they sound so stable.

Annnd the mirrored dance version

One more for the road^^ ~ Blue Sky, another song from their album. Yup, they sure can sing, all of them. Guess that’s a RBW thing.

6 thoughts on “ONEUS ~ An Appreciation Post

  1. I love Oneus! I really liked Valkyrie, and then when I heard first heard Twilight, I stopped a few seconds into the MV because I just KNEW I was going to fall for them and I was still getting into another group aka still watching their videos (yes, I have a schedule when it comes to stanning groups because there’s so much awesome content now!) I have yet to buy their actual physical albums, but they are definitely great rookies! I saw the DKDK TV explainer vid too! Still have to watch all their lives and stuff but I love them and their brother group Onewe a lot. πŸ˜€

    • Oh gosh yes, there is SO much new content coming out every month that keeping up is pretty much impossible. If you are a ‘multifan’ that is. I don’t actually consider myself to be a ‘fan’ of anyone as I don’t do the whole hog of streaming and what not. I’m just a fan of good music, regardless of who it’s by. πŸ™‚ ONEUS really does not seem like a rookie group who just debuted this year, they are that good. Charismatic kids and their choreos are pretty sharp so they do look good live.

      • I knoooow. IM also a kdrama fan and i cant keep up well Hahahaha. Oneus Is very impressive and IM so jealous of those lucky people in the US who can see them Live right now. I hope that one day they’ll venture to my side of the pond one day. Have you checked out onewe? I also really Love them and i cant wait for them to drop the next singles and a mini.

  2. I too have been very impressed with ONEUS πŸ™‚ Valkyrie was a fantastic debut song, and like you, I thought it would be hard to top. But I absolutely LOVE Lit! I’m a sucker for songs that mix contemporary and traditional, so this was right up my alley. Catchy, fun, and a beautiful video. I’ve been enjoying all of their live performances too. Definitely a wonderful comeback for the group πŸ™‚

    • Yes, ONEUS has been pretty impressive so far. They don’t feel like rookies who just debuted this year. I’m looking forward to what kind of concept they come up with next. Btw, have you checked out their ‘brother’ group ONEWE yet? That’s another impressive one. They just don’t promote as much. I really liked their last single, Regulus as well. Kpop needs more bands!

      • I’ll be looking forward to their next concept too πŸ™‚ I haven’t checked out ONEWE yet. I’ll have to get on that! There are so many groups these days it’s hard to know where to look sometimes, lol. I agree though, Kpop definitely needs more bands!

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