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Like so many others seem to be, I’m still sort of tethered to The Untamed. 😉 Yes, I’ve watched other dramas since Untamed ended and even during it’s run, but none of them has made a lasting impression. In fact, I had to look up what dramas have aired in the past few months, as I couldn’t remember what else I might have watched besides the recently ended ones. 😀

Even though Hotel del Luna is one of the better Hong Sisters dramas and the first one I was able to finish since Master’s Sun, it’s still nothing much to write home about. Hong Sisters tend to have interesting ideas but they just can’t seem to be able to make them truly work. There’s always something that ends up being lacklustre. I liked the characters in general and didn’t mind the ‘ghost of the week’ thingy either, though the stories weren’t all that compelling. The best part was definitely cinematography and Man Wol’s back story, which I found a lot more interesting that anything in the ‘present’ timeline. IU’s wardrobe was fab. I’m pretty sure some people turned in just to see what she would be wearing, LOL!

As sageuk lite goes, Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t expecting anything ground breaking and that’s more or less what I got. Despite there being few more sombre moments in the story, Rookie Historian was basically a fluffy feelgood drama with some low key humour and a romance that for once wasn’t the main thing. The central story turned out to be the historians and their struggle to stay impartial observers. I rather loved the senior historians! At first they seemed like a bunch of meanies but soon proved to be staunch allies to our rookies. They also brought in some of the hilarity. Like that giggle worthy ‘fight’ in one of the later episodes. I think the great cast was one of the things that made the drama work for me. Cha Eun Woo was clearly the weakest link but thankfully Drama didn’t demand too much of him and he did well enough in the end. This is a sageuk that ends well for everyone, save for the baddies. Something of an anomaly, I’d say. 🙂

If it wasn’t for the acting, I probably would have dropped Watcher at some point. The main threesome lead by Han Suk Kyu did great, but all the supporting cast were very good too. Everyone was on their A-game and I just enjoyed watching them bring the characters to life. Story itself wasn’t particularly thrilling nor offered anything new, but coupled with the performances it was just entertaining enough to keep me going till the end. I actually ended up dramathoning most of the drama and that definitely worked for it’s favor.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with Novoland: Eagle Flag. It started out SO well but unfortunately story got bogged down around half way through and that’s when I started loosing interest. I did skip watch most of the later episodes raw but haven’t had much incetive to go back and finish the drama with subs. There were some pacing issues early on already but having three protagonists to follow brings it’s own brand of difficulties. On top of that there were several side stories to cover too. No wonder it often felt like the story wasn’t going anywhere but was just treading water. I also didn’t much like that they focused almost solely on Asule in the last third of the drama and forgot all about Yu Ran towards the end. We have no real closure to her story. They could have easily cut many of the unimportant Asule scenes to show more what was going on with both Ji Ye and Yu Ran. Lack of progress for Asule for almost the length of the drama was frustrating. The other two had character growth but Asule actually regressed due to that stupid death, resurrection and amnesia storyline. Ugh. Liu Haoran did his best but even he couldn’t do much with how the character was written. The most interesting characters were actually Ji Ye, general Xi Yan and warlord Ying Wuyi of the opposing forces. I found the Big Bad annoying as heck. What WAS his agenda? There didn’t seem to be one besides being a major $hit stirrer. It’s a pity that stores as rich and full of life as the ones from the Novoland universe never seem to get a proper execution. Eagle Flag at least looked incredibly good and epic, I’ll grant it that.

Everything else on my current roster is still ongoing for me. I’m SO behind that all the dramas have ended their run ages ago, LOL! I also have couple from the last batch I aim to try out, at some point. Thankfully I didn’t find any of the currently airing offerings interesting enough to add them. I did consider When Camellia Blooms for a minute but when I realised it’s one of ’em “a romcom with the side of serial killings” ones, Drama got a hard pass. I just can’t with that genre mash-up any more. Dramaland never ceases to churn out new dramas, so of course there are new ones just waiting in the wings. Sigh. Tale of Nokdu is the one I’m most looking forward to. It could be a fun romp, if handled properly.

9 thoughts on “Drama Grab Bag

  1. Oh, we have almost exact sentiments regarding Hotel Del Luna! 🙂

    When Camellia Blooms looks quite slice of life so i was thinking of giving it a try too… until i saw some comments about the murder mystery plot. It directly went to my nope bucket. Haha. I’ve had enough of those too.

  2. I’m stupendously behind too! 🤪 But at least this means that I get to hear about the dramas’ endings and decide which ones are worth checking out. 😉

    I suspect I would have a similar reaction to Hotel Del Luna, so I’m in 2 minds on whether to spend the time checking it out. Bummer to hear that Eagle Flag went south.. that’s on my list. And I’m still curious to dip a toe in at least, coz I do like Liu Haoran.. Good to know Rookie Historian turns out ok, coz that’s the one kdrama I’m watching right now 😅

    Thanks for the overview, Timescout! ❤

    • Well, it doesn’t look like I’m going to manage much catching up in the near future. I keep picking up new dramas to sample, so those on hold tend to get pushed back.

  3. I, too, am suffering over the recent drama slump. Hotel del Luna was fun watch but nothing compared to my all-time favorite Cdrama “Ferryman” (way less pretty but whole lot more addictive). Still I’m sad it ended. I’m officially giving up on the Novoland franchise. I haven’t found a single one that I can watch without massive fastforwarding. As for “Tale of Nokdu”, I’ll be looking forward to it with you. I hope it doesn’t suck.

    • I watched some of Ferryman ages ago but you really need subs to get the most out of it. It’s such a pity that many of the truly good cdramas have no subs. I’m probably giving up on Novoland as well. It’s funny but Castle in the Sky is the only one I truly liked and it’s the one with the lowest production values and some iffy acting. 😀 I’m about to start Nokdu today, actually.

  4. Glad you thought Hotel Del Luna was at least an okay watch. It sounds like we actually pretty similar thoughts on it (although I’ll never like case of the week type stories, hehe). Hopefully, you’ll find a good one in this next batch of dramas 🙂

      • Oooh, that’s good to hear! I like concepts like that a lot, and it looks really fun 🙂

        Nokdu looks like a lot of fun too. I keep seeing pics floating around, and they are hilarious 🙂

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