The Untamed Soundtrack

I think all of my fave drama soundtracks of past few years have been from Chinese period dramas. What I love about them is how well they function as scene enhacers and mood makers without being agressively in your face. Another thing I love about them is the copious use of traditional instruments. I’ve grown quite enamoured especially with the bamboo flute. It’s a really good instrument for expressing various kinds of emontions, especially the sad and evocative ones.

The bamboo flute is very prominent in the Untamed OST too and e.g the haunting notes at the beginning of 无羁 / Unrestrained never fail to move me. I always get a lump in my throat and feel my eyes getting moist. Anyways, I’m pretty sure the Untamed OST is my favorite Chinese drama soundtrack to date. I’ve been listening it on repeat and I love every single music piece in it. Though I do have my faves amongst them. The OST has two parts, one consists of all the songs and the other of the instrumentals. Some of the music pieces have both sung and instrumental versions. Like, there are several renditions of Unrestrained sung by different people and 2 instrumental versions too. None of them is exactly the same.

[PLAYLIST] The Untamed OST ~ the songs

[PLAYLIST] The Untamed OST ~ the instrumentals

As Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are idols it’s no big surprise that they have songs in the OST, but there are other cast members who sing too. I’ve collected all the theme song videos below and marked the names of the singers who are actors with purple. 🙂 Talented bunch as they all have pretty nice voices.

无羁 / Wu Ji / Unrestrained / Ending theme song by Xiao Zhan & Wang Yibo

The rest are links as I didn’t want to get this post too video heavy. 😉 Just a word of warning. The videos are rather spoilery, so if you haven’t seen the drama yet and want to stay more or less spoiler free, maybe it’s best to skip these for the time being.

不忘 / Won’t Forget / Lan WangJi’s theme song by Wang Yibo

曲尽陈情 / Song Ends with Chen Qing / Wei Wuxian’s theme song by Xiao Zhan

恨别-汪卓成 / Goodbye Filled with Hatred / Jiang Cheng’s theme song by Wang Zhuo Cheng

意难平 / Inappeasable / Jiang Yanli’s theme song by Yin Lin **** Shijie!!! 😭 The best big sis in the world.

不由 / Involuntary / Lan Xichen’s theme song by Liu Hai Kuan

赤子 / Newborn / Wen Ning’s theme song by Yu Bin **** Wen Ning was such a sweetie and the way he was treated by the sanctimonious ba$tards makes my blood boil over – still.

疏林如有诉 / If The Woodland Has Something To Say / Wen Qing’s theme song by Gao Qiu Zi

永隔 / Eternal Separation / Jiang Yanli & Jin Zixuan’s theme song by Lara Veronin & Fabien Yang

清河诀 / Separation at Qing He / Nie Mingjue & Nie Huaisang’s theme song by Ayanga

最是少年不可欺 / Youths That Cannot be Underestimated / Youth group’s theme song by Zui Xue, Zheng Fan Xing, Qi Pei Xin & Guo Cheng

孤城 / Lone City / Yi City group’s theme song by Sun Bo Lun & Chen Zhuo Xuan

荒城渡 / Passing Through the Desolate City / Xue Yang’s theme song by Zhou Shen **** This song is SO beautiful and sad, just like Xue Yang’s fate. Not that a $hitty life in any way pardons him from all the horrible things he did.

不枉 / Not In Vain / Group song by Wang Ju

11 thoughts on “The Untamed Soundtrack

  1. Hey, can u tell me the name of the tune played when ah yuan hugs wei ying leg and then flashback comes in episode 50. Thank you 🤗

  2. Hi, I’ve loved this drama and the main song between the two leads. I’ve a question as to if that same piece of music was used in Eternal Love 10thousand mile peach blossoms. Was rewatching it and felt some of the music sounded familiar…

    • I believe the style of music used in costume dramas thends to sound somewhat similar, especially if they use traditional instruments. Could be the composer is the same in both dramas too. I can’t say for sure though.

    • The Playlists have all the music. I just had to re-do those as the original YT videos were taken down (they were reuploaded). The character theme songs should all be there, as far as I know.

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