Ever Night OST songs

I didn’t fall in love just with the cinematography of Ever Night but also with the soundtrack. Combined they probably make about one third of my enjoyement of the drama. *g* I would really, really love to get a full album… I wonder if it’s available somewhere. Here is a collection of OST songs I was able to find floating around YT. Enjoy!

Extended trailer with some of the epic instrumentals. The scenes are actually from both opening and closing credits.

The Old Chang’an (故長安) by Jane Zhang (張靚穎)

Red Dust (红尘) by Vision Wei (魏晨)

Darkness (永夜) by Sitar Tan (推廣曲) / There’s also a male verson (with English lyrics in the “show more” box)

Heart Shaped Universe (心形宇宙) by Feng Timo (馮提莫)

Night Is Coming (夜將至) by Li Yugang (李玉剛) – Guess this a tribute to the Ning Que’s and San San’s Shifus

Let Me (任我) by Reno Wang (王铮亮)

True Heart (真心) by Ada Zhuang (莊心妍)

莫望 (Mo San San’s theme) by Lu Mei Lin (劉美麟) – Ever Night interlude song

Song of the Desolate Men (荒人之歌) by Elvis Wang (王晰) – I couldn’t find translation of the song name but I guess that is close enought 🙂

10 thoughts on “Ever Night OST songs

  1. I am new to C-dramas and Ever Dark is great, reminds me a little of Joy of Life and Goodbye, My Princess, both wonderful series. Absolutely love the music, still searching for an OST.

    As a non-Chinese (Mandarin) speaker–although I am learning!–it takes me a while to fully comprehend the dramas, at least in the beginning. What helps me most is to 1) read a synopsis of each episode before I begin watching; 2) watch the episode, rewinding wherever necessary; 3) reviewing the synopsis on the episode I just finished watching. This method helps a great deal, and by the time I am at Episode 10 or so I can usually follow the story along without any further assistance.

    Anyway, thanks for the music!

    • I haven’t watched ‘Goodbye, My Princess’ but I loved ‘Joy of Life’. Yes, there are some really good OSTs around.

      I don’t speak Chinese either, so I’m very much relient on subtitles. I do watch nonsubbed cdramas on occasion, if I find the drama in question interesting enough. Actually, my fave cdrama to date is ‘Of Monks and Masters’ and it never got subbed. It’s awesome and I was totally obsessed with it! 🙂

  2. A very interesting OST, just like you promised, Timescout! Some of the tracks are so epic, and then some of them so modern-sounding, and some not.. it’s quite eclectic to my ears, as someone who hasn’t seen the drama. I dig the cinematography though – the bits that I got glimpses of, through these MVs – and I’m thinking I just might end up liking this one. Hmmm.. 😁

    • Yes, the songs are rather diverse but I think that the mood/feel is similar enough that you sort of know they belong to the same drama. There are more instrumentals that I haven’t found samples of but I love those too. Drama obviously had a pretty good music director.

      I hope it suits your palate, when you do have time to check it out. 😉

      • I tried E1 last night! I got too curious, after all this Ever Night talk, heh. So far, I like the cinematography; it feels quite cinematic and thoughtful, like they were looking to make something beautiful, rather than just.. something. The action sequences are also stylish and yet not too exaggerated (so far?). For me, the one downside is, I’m not quite sure yet how pulled into the story and premise I am. I’m not feeling the story so much (yet?), and the fantasy quirks take some getting used to. Also, the Prince of Heaven guy talks funny.. which I find equal parts amusing and distracting 😛 I will try E2 today and see how that goes!

        • Oh, I quite understand. If you are not so familiar with how the fantasy action/adventure stories are set up, it may take a little adjusting to get settled in. Especially as they always seem to land us in the middle of the ‘action’ and then expand from there. It also takes a bit of time to get to know the characters (there are quite many of them) and the bigger picture. Aside from the action/fight scenes, the story actually starts sort of slow. It took me a couple of episodes to really get going but the cinematography and soundtrack grabbed me right away and sort of tided me over. 🙂 But don’t sweat if Ever Night ends up not being up your alley. We like what we like, nothing complicated to it.^^

          Yup, like I mentioned elsewhere, I tend to FF over some characters and Long Qing is one of them. 😜 The actor is kinda stiff too, but then it could be just the character who is very stuck up and overly sure of his own importance. Pity that he gets more interesting just towards the end when events push him to the dark side.

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