Guardian – A Summer Popsicle^^

I don’t know what’s with me these days but I seem to be watching more fluff that usually. šŸ˜€ Could be the persistent heatwave that’s been going on since mid May. There are times I think my brain has finally melted, ha. Anyway, summer is sort of perfect time to watch something less demanding, regardless of the overall quality. Leave your brain at the door, your belief suspended above it and just enjoy. *g* Of course, the show in question has to appeal to you in some way, otherwise why bother?

In many ways Guardian resembles Mystic9, my summer fluff of 2016, which wasn’t a pinnacle of perfection either. There is clunky CGI, plenty of wonky acting, laughable villains (I swear, Bad Guy nbr 1’s wig was probably pinched from the Hwarang set), a plot lifted from a web novel but with adaptation that doesn’t do it justice (partly due to cencorship) and too many episodes. Still, what’s left of the original story is kinda interesting and I like the characters, especially the main duo Yun Lan (Bai Yu) and Shen Wei (Zhu Yilong). Yup, I’m mainly watching for those two. *sorry, not sorry* šŸ˜› The original novel is a BL story and our twosome is a proper item in it but due to cencorship TPTB changed that bit to a bromance in the drama. Not that it stopped them blatantly ‘shipping’ them at every turn, LOL! No idea how they managed to get that past them cencors. Despite it’s flaws Show has been fun so far. Annnnnd the official YT channel has English subs. šŸ™‚ I’m several episodes behind but as the drama has already finished it’s run in China, I know that the ending left a lot to be desired for. Nothing new when it come cdramas these days. By all accounts, it seems like they are hankering for a 2nd season. Those who have read the original novel don’t particularly care for the drama but as I don’t have that sort of ‘ballast’ I’m ok with it. Guardian the drama is easy to diggest summer fluff and I never expected it to be anything more that that.

A short synopsis from Wiki – mostly background info aka “ancient history”:

More than ten thousand years ago an alien race landed on the planet Haixing, some among them fused their cells with plants and animals, forming the Yashou tribe. Some stayed deep under the ground and were called the Dixing people. Their cells mutated as well and they became capable of some supernatural powers. There was however peace between the three tribes. Until a meteor hit Haixing and the Dixing’s resources started to deplete and they escaped to the surface and started a war with the Haixing and the Yashou people. The Haixing in the end won the war after they created 4 Holy Tools out of the meteor. The three tribes then agreed on a peace.

Zhao Yun Lan (Bai Yu) is an unruly leader of the Special Investigation Department in charge of cases done by dixingians. Shen Wei (Zhu Yilong), a gentle and calm university professor for biological engineering, his real identity is the black robed envoy, one of the three most powerful people of Dixing.

kumaxell @ For the Love of Drama has a fiew posts about the drama vs novel that give some insights to the actual storyline of the novel and the supernatural basis of it. Here’s the first post. As the original novel is one of her faves, it’s not surprising she doesn’t think much of the drama. Well, the writers rather did make a mess of it, so…

A trailer, which somehow manages to make the drama way more dramatic than it actually is, LOL!

Cdrmas usually have a pretty nice OST and Guardian is no exception. I love, love, LOVE the main theme We Won’t Be Falling / 陳é›Ŗē‡ƒ

Fiew more, with translations by Orange Bisquit
The insert song – 初åæƒ Chu Xin (= original intention, aspiration, sincere heart… or something similar)
The ending song – Just Cared Too Much / åŖę˜Æå¤ŖåœØꄏ

Because of all the not-so-subtle “nudge, nudge, wink, winking”, Show really lends itself for stuff like… ‘crack videos’. šŸ˜€ I laughed out loud watching these.
Guardian crack 1

Guardian crack 2
Guardian crack 3

9 thoughts on “Guardian – A Summer Popsicle^^

  1. Lol. Doesn’t sound like my kind of show, but it’s nice to see you having fun, Timescout! šŸ˜€ Reminds me of when you talked about that fantasy show with them electric blue eyes and ugly blue dresses (the title slips my mind right now, but the blue stuff is deeply imprinted!) šŸ˜…

    • LOL! Nah, I didn’t think this would be your type of show. You have surprised me a fiew times with your choices, mind. šŸ˜› Yup, it’s totally up my alley though, warts and all. I like suprenatural/fantasy, even when not so well realised. Did you listen to the songs? What’d you make of ’em?

      Oh, that would be me blue eyed Wingkind Empy in Novoland Castle in the Sky. šŸ˜€ Zhang Ruo Yun was too good an actor for the drama but that was before he truly made it to the bigger league.

      These web dramas tend to have one or two proper actors playing some of the main parts, Guardian too – the two male leads, Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong. The latter was also in Border Town Prodigal and I didn’t even realise it! His character in BTP was totally different, both in looks and overall habitus. He’s a pretty decent actor, though it seems his characters always die, ha. That’s what his fans say anyway.^^

      • I just listened to the songs. I like the orchestral rendering in the main theme. And then I listened to the second song, the insert song, and it sounds pretty much exactly the same, just slower and simpler, and with different lyrics? I don’t know, am I imagining things? šŸ˜³šŸ˜›

          • Ah! So I WASN’T imagining things! šŸ˜… Yes, the main theme is very nice, especially with the orchestra. I do think I’d appreciate it more if I was watching the show, of course. But.. somehow it’s not calling my name, even though I’ve seen a few clips, and a fair bit of love for this show.

          • It’d work well as a ‘bedtime snack’. Doesn’t demand much from you. šŸ˜‰ I’m watching it every now and then and I don’t really mind how it will eventually end. Actually, just watching the crack videos would probably suffice at a pinch. šŸ˜‚

          • Lol. That dramatic teaser doesn’t scream bedtime snack to me though! I think my bedtime snack needs are a lot sleepier than yours..! šŸ˜‰

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