UNB – Let’s Begin!

Sorry folks, but this is going to be another kpop post. Feel free to scroll past. 😀

I just needed to do a totally fangirly squee for UNB‘s debut! I love the title songs so, so much and I’m thoroughly in love with the choreo for both, SO beautifully lyrical. I’m also ever so glad they went with this concept, it’s different from what everyone else seems to be doing right now.

The MV for Sense / 감각 is kinda artyfarty but it goes well with the song.^^

Live version from Saturday’s Sketchbook

Only One from Sketchbook (MV will be out on the 11th)

And this is for those forever whinging about the ‘lack’ of vocalists in UNB. ;P Some of the other’s would have done pretty well too, imho.

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