Shinhwa’s 20th \o/

When I first discovered Korean dramas I never imagined that kpop would be part of the package. Heck, I didn’t know there was such a thing as kpop. 😀 Fast forward several years to 2018 and kpop is more or less all I do listen, with occasional sidetrips into jpop/jrock.Well, dramas lead me to kpop and the first group I came across happened to be Shinhwa. Talk about accidentally starting with The Legends. *g* That was when my internet connection was only marginally less crappy than the quality of YT videos available but it was also before the first YT crackdown by the Korean broadcasters, so there was still plenty off older content to be viewed. So many hilarious clips from X-man, Love Letter etc, basically all sorts of weired and wonderful examples of Shinhwa being… well, Shinhwa, LOL!. And I watched them all, frequently laughing my head off.

If a name can be said to be an omen, then Shinhwa’s certainly is. The only 1st gen kpop group to reach their 20th anniversary without any member changes or longer periods of inactivity, save for the 4 years when the guys did their mandatgory military service. They are still very much active and have a fandom that has stuck with them through thick and thin. As fandoms go, Shinhwa Changjo is pretty awesome. 🙂 These guys have also aged like the famous fine wine. Talk about looking goooood!^^

A video charting the group’s journey from 1998.

The video maker forgot to include a clip of the 9th vol, but RUN has to be one of the cheesiest MVs Shihwa has ever made. You just can’t take the whole thing seriously, especially if you’ve already watched the ‘making of’ video. “Do we really have to save Eric??” 😀

On Sat the 24th Shinhwa turned 20 – Happy Anniversary! This also means plenty of celebratory activites starting with 2 conserts past weekend, variety show appearances (hilarity ensured :P) and a release of a new song. Well, not exactly brand new as it’s a remake of their All Your Dreams from 2000, as per requested by their fans.

7 thoughts on “Shinhwa’s 20th \o/

  1. Min-woo was quite fun on X-man and Love Letter. I remember he, Hwanhee and Brian got into quite a few shenanigans on those shows. The good old days, ha. Eric is a decent actor in the right role. The rest, I didn’t bother as I’ve never gotten into Shinhwa’s music except for the occasional song. Fly to the Sky is more my cup of tea.

    • I used to like Fly to the Sky a lot at some point. I even have some of their albums but I guess I’m not as much into ballads and vocal groups as I used to. Most of Shinhwa’s releases are my style, definitely. 🙂

  2. Shinhwa has been on my list of groups I need to check out for a while now. Been reading all of the 20th anniversary news, and it’s really great to see their long term success. I really need to find time to properly give them a listen. It’s just hard between kdramas and all the other kpop. There’s just so much to see and listen to! lol

    • There is still so much content on Shinhwa floating around the internets, that you could probably spend weeks, if not months going through it. 😀 But when you have time, you could start with this first. It’s a very old (but good) introductory post by carmendove @ LJ. It’s been updated a fiew times, so it’s more or less up to date up to a certain point. Mind, the link takes you to the 1st Chapter, there are 5 more at the bottom to wade through, heh.

      The first YT video in the post has clips from most of their best known hits, so when it comes to music you could use that as a reference. They’ve done all sorts of genres during their 20 yrs in the industry and most of those songs still sound really good. I love even their debut song ‘Resolver’, as oldskool as it is, baggy pants and all. *g*

      But yeah, I feel you. I like so many different groups and singers that trying to keep tabs on their releases is almost futile, ha. At least the music videos are short, so they don’t take up too much time. Unlike an hour+ it takes to watch a drama epi. 😉

      • Oooh, thank you for that link! It’s always so helpful to have a nice starting place and overview when checking out a new group 🙂 I can imagine the massive amount of content floating around after 20 years!

        Haha, yeah, it’s nice that kpop videos are at least short compared to the big time investment of a drama. I try to keep up with quite a few groups too as I like so many of them. But it’s not so much the music videos that will get you but ALL the additional content out there for just one group. I’ve fallen down so many black holes watching all the extra content. Ah well, there’s always something to watch, lol

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