7 for 7 ~ GOT it? :)

I give up. Guess I’m going to make this a regular feature with a category and all. *g* There are times when I really want to blather about music, so…

If it hadn’t been for JJ Project‘s “Tomorrow, Today” I doubt I’d paid GOT7 any more heed than I’d done so far. I mean, I knew about them but if someone had asked me to name one of their songs, I would have drawn a total blank. LOL! Anyway, quite soon after JJP finished their promo rounds GOT7 had a comeback with “You Are” and I… fell in love with the song. I love everything about it, the music, the lyrics, the voicals, the choreo, how the boys were styled… Now, I only have to hear the first bars of the song and I can feel a smile spread across my face. The song makes me feel incredibly happy. The sort of ‘happy’ that starts from somewhere around your heart and fills you up, up, all the way up. I think I’ve watched just about every performance of the song there is and never got bored with it. Still don’t. I sing along and can even do the fanchants. LOL! forever. 😀 I’ve never been one to go for the looks as it’s always about the music first but… in the sea of pretty idols I think that GOT7 is one of the most visually pleasing goups I’ve seen. Take Jinyoung for instance, he is beautiful… but JB is a work of art. 😆 Beauty aside they are just dorks when not seriosly performing, like every other male kpop group ever.

I actually like all the songs in the “7 for 7” album. The boys took actively part in writing the songs and I think they are very proud of it. Which makes me sad as it never got the sort of attention it deserves. It did sell ok but not enough to help them in the charts. I’ve also read that JYPE misscalculated the demand and didn’t order enough copies to be printed, so the retailers hade to sell “not available” for a while. From what I’ve garnered this past month, JYPE really doesn’t seem to know how to manage male groups. I’ve since sampled some of GOT7’s earlier releases and have to say that none of them really appeals to me, heh. 🙂 Probably why I didn’t pay attention to the group before. They’ve been around for 4 years after all. “7 for 7” is the sort of album I feel the boys have wanted to produce for a while now. It is different from their ealier style, which is likely what the company picked for them. I had a good laugh watching their debut song. What I like about this album is that the songs are diverse. None of them sound similar so listening them on a loop doesn’t make you feel like you are hearing the same song over and over. Even though I like the whole album a lot, my faves are “You Are”, “내게” and “Face”.

I like this Inkigayo perf as the camerawork is pretty good and it shows most of the lovely choreo. JB looks SO happy throughout.^^

The music video version.
Annnd the dance practise one.

The other promoted song from the album, Teenager. It’s sucha catchy and happy one.

I think I love 내게 / To Me almost as much as “You Are” now. Lost count of how many times I’ve watched this video.

Next are live clips from one of their fan meets, I believe. I like these songs because the rap-line gets to show their singing ability as well. 🙂
Remember You

Fancam of Face from a mini fanmeet.

2 thoughts on “7 for 7 ~ GOT it? :)

  1. I began to like this group since Just Right and since then, their comeback materials have been quite diverse that i don’t really know what style they’re after. From what i’ve seen of them, the boys aren’t as dorky as i expected, but they are surely fun to watch that sometimes i prefer watching them on variety shows to them on stage, lol.

    If you laughed watching GOT7’s debut song, how do you find JJ Project’s, btw? ^^

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