Best.Absolute.Perfect – It’s My Jam ;P

Yeah, this is another kpop post, though not random in any way. 😀 Feel free to scroll by.

There’s something about B.A.P that makes them stick out even among the gzillion kpop groups I sorta, kinda keep tabs on. I’ve always liked their songs, no matter what genre or style they’ve chosen to adopt. Anyway, B.A.P just had another comeback and I couldn’t be happier. As expected, I love Blue. Which by the way, is the last one of their colour series, Noir and Rose being the previous ones.

Blue is a single album with three songs, all equally good, imho. Honeymoon is the title track and it was instant love as soon as I heard the first bars, ha. It’s got a great groove and like with many B.A.P songs the lyrics actually mean something. It may not be a form of social commentary this time but probably refers to their own hardships and pushing through them to a new beginning. These guys have been through a lot in the past fiew years, so it makes me glad to see them be so genuinely happy again. Another thing that makes me glad is the surprisingly equal line distribution. Instead of 2 true vocalists they now have 4, as both Himchan and Uppie have improved A LOT.

Soooo…. Next is going to be a long…ish list of B.A.P videos, starting form the most recent songs. Enjoy!

Honeymoon live @ Show Champion – The choreo is 💖. And LOL! @ the fangirly English lyrics translations. 😀

All The Way Up @ MuBank – sadly it’s not the full song

All The Way Up – full album version
Rewind – full album version – This is just beautiful. 💕
Honeymoon – the Dance Practice video – I always like these as they let you fully appreaciate the choreos.

Solo songs
Bang Yong Guk – I Remember – it’s is originally ft. Yoseob (Highlight) but here he’s with Daehyun @ the B.A.P showcase in 2012
Zelo – Shine – A self penned song and it’s in English. He’s pretty good for a rapper.
Daehyun – Shadow @ MuBank
Jong Up – Try My Luck @ Show Champion
Rumour has it that Himchan is going to be the next one with a solo song. Looking forward to it with interest.

For those uninitiated but tentatively interested. *g*
B.A.P Top 30 by MatsuiKookie – it’s from 2016 so the lastest songs ain’t included.
I Remember, Voice Message, Rain Sound A live concert version from ‘WARRIOR Begins Japan Tour 2014’
B.A.P: Try Not To Fangirl Challenge (LIVE STAGE edition) by We Are With B.A.P – There’s stuff that I’d not seen before e.g. the Dancing in the Rain stage, the last one… With You. *is all emo*

I surmise people are familiar with the “expectation vs reality” memes. So if the beginning of this post is the “expectation” then what comes next is the “reality” part.^^ If the years of following kpop has taught me anything, it’s that regardles of age the members of male groups are just overgrown kids. Don’t believe me? Well, just go see what the Shinhwa guys are up to when not being all suave and sophisticated performing in music shows. 😀

This cracks me up, every.single.time. Best Absolute… Perfect‘s been cancelled. LOL!
Things you didn’t notice in B.A.P’s ‘Be Happy’ dance practice. *facepalm* 🤣
An (un)Helpful Guide to B.A P by im in it for the memes
And tons of YT viedos of the boys being hilariously extra. Just go for it! XD

One more for the road… Can’t believe I forgot this. Uppie’s and Dae-high-un’s rendition of I Remember @ Hong Ki’s Guest Radio KBS Cool FM 89.1MHz – Would be fine if Dae could just keep it together, LOL!

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