A Totally Random Kpop Post

I’ve still not much time to devote on dramas but I’ve been sort of overdosing on kpop, LOL! Well, the videos are shot and you can watch several of them at a go. These past fiew weeks have been awash with comebacks and debuts, with plenty to choose from. I guess it’s something for everyone.

My picks…

I never imagined this particular song to be the one I’d fall in love the most but I’ve been almost obsessively listening to it over and over and over… It’s melodic and breezy with lyrics that speak to you, no matter what your age. Which of us hasn’t felt a bit lost and hesitant trying to figure out which way to go in life? Or had those times when the thought of taking the first step scared you sh*tless?
JJ Project / Tomorrow, Today (내일, 오늘) – Love the choreo too, it’s simple and fits the song.

Bless you N.Flying! The MV is hilarious. 😀 The song itself is fun and rocking away. Hoeseung is a nice additon to the band, boy’s got a great voice. N.Flying / 진짜가 나타났다

There’s also an epilogue… LOL!

One of the noobs. Always happy to welcome another band. Especially one that sounds this good. The Rose (더 로즈) / Sorry

While we are on bands…
Day 6 / What Can I Do (좋은걸 뭐 어떡해) – I’ve loved all of their releases and this one is no exception. The MV is great too, like a mini movie with a twist at the end.^^

Winner‘s back too, with two new songs. Not as catchy as Really Really but I do like both quite a bit. Here’s Love Me, Love Me – explosion of hearts 🙂

Aaanndd…. ‘Island’

Another debut – He’s young (15 in intl age) but an old hand all the same as he’s been in the game since he was 8yrs. Voice is still a bit unstable but it’ll be interesting to see how he sounds once he’s past puberty. If he lasts that long, you never know with these younglings.
Samuel / Sixteen – It’s a nice, poppy song, suitable for a kid his age.

This is the last one, I promise!
Jung Young Hwa from CNB goes solo. Not bad at all – 여자여자해 (That Girl)

6 thoughts on “A Totally Random Kpop Post

    • Yes, quite a good crop of songs released lately. I do love that there are more bands in kpop now. The music may be melodic mainstream pop-rock but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, I like it.

  1. You got a pretty long list this time! XD

    I mostly only listen to artists/groups i like or know so i’m more familiar with comebacks than debuts… and Tomorrow, Today is my fave among the recent Kpop releases too! Totally share your sentiments about the song and lyrics 🙂

    • LOL! Yes, it did go on a bit but there were just loads of songs I liked this time around.

      I don’t generally check out the New Blood either as there tends to be too many of them debuting per year. Besides most of them just ain’t much to write home about. They look and sound so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart. But, once in a while there’s the one that makes me take a note and I find myself liking the song/s.

      ‘Tomorrow, Today’ has now been on repeat play so much that I’m beginning to know the lyrics. 😀 It’s also playing in my head a lot, ha.

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