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I’ve finally found some time to jot together a fiew thoughts on dramas I’ve been watching. It feels like it’s been ages since the last time I posted anything. Life is still uncommonly full with ‘stuff’ to do. Never expected that. To keep even somewhat on top of my dramas I’ve actually started to make notes, carrying a notebook with me and writing bits and pieces on my way to work, LOL! It seems to work though.

It’s always nice when you discover at least one drama to get excited over. I tend to feel a bit out of breath once I’m done with the episodes of Circle. With just 12 episodes to tell the story, there is no space for filler and the pace is pretty fast. Kdramas seldom seem to have enough plot for 16 episodes these days, let alone more, so a lower episode count isn’t a bad thing at all. The plot is also quite intricate for such a short run and they’ve managed to keep it interesting and tension filled. It’s great when a show that is supposed to be a mystery truly keeps you guessing. Circle has been really good at proving most theories and guesses wrong. Every time you think you’ve got it, show just goes “nope, that’s not it”. πŸ™‚

I’ve still no idea how they are going to end this as it seems that the good guys got boxed in at all sides. The bastards at Humand B are holding all the cards, dang it! They even insinuate that they’ve got a trump card, Woo Jin. I’m not sure if they are just bluffing though. Is he even alive at this point? I wouldn’t put it past them to just be dangling him as a carrot to keep the scooby gang at bay. I am really curious to see what’s the deal with Woo Jin anyway. He doesn’t seem like someone who’d agree to go along with with prof. Park’s ideas of how to use HumanB. Either he got duped by Park, was coerced or he was kidnapped and had the chip inserted. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Talking about the baddies… Park didn’t actually start our too bad, though. He was always more of abmiguously gray and sifty than outright evil. I do believe he was honestly aghast at what Prof. Han & Co were doing with his robot worm. But, when he saw that clandestine video of Han and Jung Yun talking and heard Han’s spiel about all the “wonderful” things Jung Yun’s blocked memories might achieve, something changed. That was probably the moment Park crossed over to the dark side proper. He saw an opportunity to “make hay”, so he took it.

We haven’t really been told what drove the twin’s father to take part in the questionable research but he seems to have had a change of heart, which probably resulted in him blocking Jung Yun/Byul’s memories. I’ve been thinking that maybe Prof. Han killed Kim Gyu Chul in a rage because of that. Prof Han isn’t interested in making oodles of mony, imho. He seems to see himself as some sort of savior of humankind. A total nutcase, that one. Park on the other hand is doing things solely for money, power and prestige. He’s long since lost any ethical considerations and is willing to go the distance to get what he wants. Consequences be damned, just as long as they don’t affect him in any way. Park is a smart and cunning opponent and has sufficient backing, so besting him won’t be easy. I’ve yet to watch eps 9-12 but I’m rather wondering if he can be beat at all. What I do know is that there will be more that one twist along the way before we get to the end.

Forest of Secrets
This is just the thing to fill in the gap Circle’s ending will leave. Smart, atmospheric and with intriguing characters. These people are no dummies, just about every character knows how to put their grey matter to good use. It’s quite refreshing to get a show without bumbling idiots and I’ve yet to see a keystone cop. There also seems to be logic behind people’s actions, which isn’t always a given when it comes to Korean crime shows. I’m also loving that the adversaries are not one-note caricatures but fully realised charecters in their own right. More gray than outright black, which is more or less true to life. Evil Incarnate is far less common in real life than in fiction.

Gosh, how fracking good are Bae Doo Na and Jo Seung Wo?! Very! πŸ™‚ I’m already invested in Yeo Jin and Shi Mok’s stories. They are rather contrasting as characters but both are equally ‘strange’ in their own way. I’m looking forward to their further interaction as their abilities are complementary and they work surprisingly well as a team.

The pace so far has been rather leisurely but not mendearing. I do appreciate a well constructed set-up as that is usually a good sign for things to come.

Father is Strange
It’s been a while since I’ve followed a weekend family drama. Most of them tend to be either kinda boring or too makjang. Surprisingly FiS is neither. Yes, the story is pretty predictable and they certainly aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel but Show has so far been quite enjoyable. Warm and accasionally funny. I think it’s mostly due to the characters, who are endearing and oddly relatable. Well, maybe excluding Hye Young’s MIL. The lady is both annoying and pitiful, and not particualrly smart.

Show has been quite good at avoiding the most common pitfalls of the longer weekenders. There is no makjang to speak off, conflicts and misunderstandings get solved quickly and relationships move at lightning speed. πŸ˜€ There is one rather big belmish though. The whole fake siblings storyline. I’m more and more starting to wish they’d figured out some other way to get Joong Hee to move in with the Byuns than making him a fake son. He and Mi Young were so cute together while blissfully oblivious of their true feelings, but of course it couldn’t be. Siblings, you see. Cue forced separation and extra angst. The kiss at the end of ep 30 didn’t ick me the way it seems to have done with many others but I didn’t much care for it either. It’s just lazy writing and imho only there for Mi Young to realise that her feelings for Joong Hee may not be entirely sisterly either. She’s a bit dim that way. The way she reacted to Joong Hee’s professional rival’s confession was so funny and “very her”. Ha. Everyone and their dog could tell he has a crush on her.

I do hope the whole “who Daddy Byun really is” -issue gets settled asap. That storyline has out-stayed it’s welcome by several episodes.

I’m also watching The Best Hit. It’s hilarious and my current ‘happy pill’. Yoon Shi Yoon is all kinds of adorable as the time traveling 90’s idol. He has the character down pat and watching Hyun Jae navigating the modern world has been loads of fun. Fish out of water at it’s best. I like all the other characters a lot too, even the bit parts. The drama seems to be filled with every kdrama cliche in the book… but they come with a twist, so you can never be quite sure where they will eventually lead to. *g* The mechanics of this particular brand of time travel has people scratching their heads in trying to figure out how it all works, which I’m rather amused about. Two timelines “theory” seems to be the current contender. At least it sounds the most feasable. πŸ˜€

Best Hit was initially described as a hybrid between variety and drama genres but it looks and feels more like a solid sitcom to me. It works just fine, whatever the genre.

8 thoughts on “Drama Grab Bag

  1. Just finished Circle. It’s amazing! It’s been a while since i got this hooked on a kdrama.

    Seems like everyone is raving about The Best Hit, but i’m not feeling it. I don’t find it hilarious either… maybe i need to watch a couple more episodes…

    • Can’t wait to watch the last fiew episodes! Wish I wasn’t so dang busy and tired all the time. Hopefully things’ll get less hectic next month.

      Might be that Best Hit just isn’t your cup of tea. Though I have to say that it did take a fiew episodes to settle in.

  2. Circle is definitely on my plan-list. Which just keeps getting longer by the day (the 2017 one!). *sigh*
    The Best Hit is also in it.
    I did want to start Forest Of Secrets but the long length…..
    Currently I’m trying to finally finish Goblin *LOL*

    • Oh, The List of Doom never gets any shorter. Cross one show off of it and you are sure to get fiew more added, LOL! Forest of Secrets is only 16 episodes though.

  3. I only read the half of your Circle thoughts since I’m on episode 7 just in case there were any spoilers. I’m also loving it and am thrilled with how well done the mystery is and all of the sci-fi aspects. Definitely a good one πŸ™‚

    • It is a pretty well constructed SciFi mystery. I’ve yet to find time to watch the last fiew episodes, maybe next weekend. *fingers crossed* Hopefully it’ll have the ending it deserves.

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