A Totally Random Kpop Music Post

Music that puts a big grin on my face. 🙂 Both groups look SO darned happy performing.

Highlight – Plz Don’t Cry/ 얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요

Winner – Really Really ~ My jam these days (I really, really want to learn the dance, LOL!). 널 좋아해!

I don’t know why it is but I often like to talk about music when I’m feeling good. It’s just that I very seldom get to do that these days. No-one to talk with, sad as it is.

The thing is, I’ve been listening to kpop as long as I’ve been watching kdramas. There’s just something about a good kpop tune that gets to me, every single time. I think it’s because the songs resemble those I grew up with and loved. I’ll probably date myself here but I more or less stopped listening to contemporary western music around mid 90’s. The music styles didn’t appeal to me and I never got past that. I haven’t got a clue what’s ‘current’ these days and no interest in finding out either.

I still needed my fix so I started going backwards in time. I love 60’s Brit pop, there’s just so many great songs from that era, songs that you can sing along with.^^ I have a thing for 40’s swing and the silken voiced crooners, legendary jazz singers like Ella Fizgerald, Billie Holliday, Dinah Wahington and Nina Simone, to name a fiew and there is even loads of music from the 50’s I like a lot. My favorite classical period is baroque, e.g Stabat Mater by Pergolesi always, always makes me cry, it’s so freaking beautiful. Well, my musical journey through time finally ended in Early Music, probably because I used to sing Gregorian chant. Sadly some real life issues made me put that on hold, among other things I had to do without, but I am going to get back to it. One of these days.

So, basically I’ve never been able to commit to just one type of music or favor just one particular group/artist. 🙂 I’ve never been a proper FAN of anyone either. It’s always been music/song that comes first, who sings/performs is secondary. If the piece does not grab me, I won’t listen to it, period.

Oops, I went somewhat off tanget there. I better chanage the topic to something more fitting. 😀

11 thoughts on “A Totally Random Kpop Music Post

  1. I was/am pretty hooked on Winner’s Really Really too and I so wanna learn that dance as well!! Lol. When I was in Seoul in mid-April, the song was everywhere on those subway station TVs. They played it every few minutes ha.

    I’ve never been a “proper fan” as well – just never that invested in anybody’s music to want to buy albums etc. I go for more of what mood/vibes the

    I’ve always had a thing for 60s Brit pop as well! Actually, I just love Brit Pop in general, it has a very different, more pleasant sound than American pop (which I completely stopped listening to in mid-2000s ha) and have some amazing bands on the scene – Clean Bandit, Honne etc. They do electronica quite well too. I actually no longer keep up with Kpop much, as I think the quality is declining rapidly despite what fans think of its popularity. I am very much into k-R&B/K-indie and they really do have some gems there. I’ve been a bit hooked on Jay Park’s music as well ha, especially those where he teamed up with Cha Cha Malone. I recently discovered my love for jazz and lounge via spotify and do enjoy some good classical pieces as well. There’s this one piece (can’t remb who it was by) which always puts me in a very sad, contemplative mood. Not the best lol, but am always amazed when classical pieces move me. I’m way more into oldies than modern types of music though, cause I grew up listening to the radio so much.

    • ‘Really, Really’ is still my jam. 😀 It’s pretty much a perfect pop ditty.

      I don’t follow kpop all that much anymore either. Though I do try to keep tabs on some of the acts I’ve come to like over the years. I don’t actually think it’s so much lack of quality in kpop than too many new groups debuting each year. Most of them tend to look and sound similar, hence I stick to those I already know. 🙂 Provided I like the songs.

  2. I liked this post a lot! I haven’t followed Western music a lot…just few artists and songs. Even I’m of the type who likes a song first before the artist.

  3. I am very similar in how I like music. I very rarely pick favorite groups or artists. I more-so have favorite genre’s or individual songs.
    I love the big band music from the 40’s, the fun 50’s pop music and rockabilly from the last few decades. I listen to mainly Kpop now and am about to go see my first real concert (eeek) when I see Gdragon’s solo tour in July.
    I love certain kpop bands but I think it is important to not be so blinded by your affection for that band that you ignore bad songs/lyrics etc. i personally have my favorites but I try and be open to other people’s opinions. It is too easy to close yourself off from reality; just because I love a band doesn’t mean every song they come out with is amazing. Let’s be real. 🙂

    • If I’ve liked an artist’s or band’s previous releases, I do tend to give their new ones a go too. Sometimes I love what I hear, other times not so much. There are groups that like to experiment and I don’t always agree with their musical choices. *g* Then there are groups whose music I seem to like pretty consistently.

  4. I love both of the songs. Especially Highlight/Beast has developed very well.. Love them soo much. And Really really is a great good mood song. haha
    I hear K-Pop for about 6 years? I thnk soo.. I know what you mean with proper Fan. Its the same here. For me the music comes also at first ^^ I’m no more a fan girl like I was before in my first years..
    ~ Karin from http://thekoreanlove.blogspot.de ~

  5. I feel like Really Really is everywhere, and boy isn’t that chorus addictive!

    I don’t really listen to western music nowadays either despite growing up with that, ha. And although you said you’re not “a proper fan” of any particular artist, you must like them enough to check their new music out, right? Or do you just listen to any song from any artist in random?

    • I guess my interpretention of “proper fan” is someone who is really into the groups/artists. Like buying all their albums, going to concerts, following their activites online, watching varity etc. Basically just being very involved. I don’t do that. I might buy an odd album or sometimes even concert DVDs but that’s about it.

      There are groups/artists I like better than others and if I’ve liked most of their releases I do tend to check their new songs out too. If I happen to notice there is new stuff out that is. Sometimes I catch on several months after the fact, heh.

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