Thoughts on Tunnel – up till ep 8

I’ve been having a really hard time sticking to dramas lately and even when I do, I don’t seem to be able muster up enough energy to write about them. Which is frustrating because I do have Thoughts, every once in a while. 🙂

So, Tunnel… I’ve read all sorts of complaints “it’s slow, the plot is too simplistic, not exciting enough, the case-of-the-week are boring” etc. Well, I like it because it’s slow burn and farely simple in it’s set up. The episodic cases may be missing thrills a minute but for the most part they have been interesting enough and all seem to shed a light to some aspect of our main characters. What I really appreciate, is the absence of gratuitous violence. Yes, Tunnel is a crime show but I don’t think we need to see a graphic presentation of everything that happens.

I also don’t mind that I guessed the identities of Sun Jae and Jae Yi pretty early on. I don’t think that was even meant to be A Big Reveal but rather something to figure out at leisure. They gave us enough easy breadcrumbs to follow for it to be an oversight. The fates of Yun Suk (Past Kwang Ho’s wife) and 88 Park Kwang Ho were a bit harder to deduct, though not by much. The real mystery is in Past Kwang Ho’s step into the future. Why is he there? It’s obviously connected to the past serial killings and Jung Ho Young but in what way? It can’t be just because Kwang Ho failed to catch the killer in the past timeline. How is 88 Park Kwang Ho mixed up in all this and who the heck is he really? Oddly enough I’m not the least bit interested in the technicalities of the time travel itself.

It may take some time to warm up to the main threesome. I believe the younger viewers, looking through the prism of current (western) sensibilities, may find Kwang Ho somewhat crass and insesitive. It was a different world 30 years ago. Underneath theat 80’s veneer Kwang Ho is really a sweetie. Sun Jae is a bit too much of a pricly enigma and Jae Yi comes off as cold and unfeeling. But… that’s not all they are and hopefully Drama will be able to show us more of the ‘other side’ too. I like all three well enough, though my fave is ‘magne’ Chief Sung Shik. *g* The Dumb and Dumber duo isn’t actually as dumb as they seem either. On the scale of kdrama cops this squad is actually pretty professional. 😀

Tunnel isn’t one of those shows where the viewer ‘sees throught the eyes of the protagonist’. The chracters aren’t actually too slow to cotton on to things but rather we as the audience are privy to more info than our protagonists, hence we are able to connect the dots a lot faster than them. I’m aware that this does not appeal to everyone but it suits me. At least with this story.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Tunnel – up till ep 8

  1. Tee hee. Again, another drama where the premise didn’t really grab me. I might need to plop this on the list after all, if you’re enjoying it! Maybe for when I feel ready for more time travel or crime stuff – which isn’t super often, at the moment 😛 But, if you like it, I’m intrigued. It’s a law of the universe 😉

    • OCN dramas are bit of a touch and go with me but Tunnel has been pretty good so far. It’s oddly mellow and moody for Overly Cruel Network. I like the tone but I can understand why it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

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