Chicago Typewriter – first impressions

Now this is how you meld together different genres so that they form a cohesive whole! And without making you feel like it’s made of half a dozen different shows that have nothing in common. I’m hooked.

Chicago Typewriter effortlessly moves between comedy, suspense, mystery, romance and spooky, with an occasional detour to days long gone by. The transitions are so smooth that you barely notice. The moods change, often without a warning and yet, none of it is jarring. Me likey! There’s a certain kind of whimsical moodines to the drama that I’m fiding delightful. Combined with a feeling of expectancy, of not being exactly sure what’s behind the corner. It’s grand! πŸ˜€ I haven’t felt this excited about a kdrama for ages! I can’t remember the last time I was as impatient for the next episodes to come around.

Along with the mysteries of the past, we get a peek behind the scenes of the glamorous lifestyle of the celebs. Which in reality may not be quite as glamorous as it seems on the surfce. Fame always brings it’s darker siblings along and success of any kind seems to be a magnet to all kinds of unsavoury things. Jealous colleagues and/or would-be writers, sycophants, users, backstabbers, nutjobs, stalkery fans, the paparazzi out for the next big scoop… you name it. It doesn’t really surprise me that these people become paranoid and untrusting. Especially if you’ve been betrayed one time too many even before you become famous, like Se Joo.

The main threesome makes an interesting triumvirate already. Each seem to have their own special quirks, which makes their interactions fun to watch. I’m curious about the reason why the past is now catching up on them, quite literally. I do have my suspicions. I rather like the supporting characters as well, though most of them are yet to be properly drawn out. By ep 4 we know that Se Joo, Jun Sul and Jin Oh are connected through their past selves and that there is a supernatural force at large, meddling. Aladdin had his Genie in the Lamp but Se Joo’s got a genie in the typewriter. Or would a ghost in the machine be more apt? πŸ™‚ The supernatural elements so far have been rather subtle, which I like and what we do get is well intergrated.

People have been speculating, even before the drama aired, that our resident ghostwriter may actually be a ghost writer. I’m begining to think along those lines as well. Despite of writer-nim being kinda coy about it.^^

With a cast this good a solid performance is more or less given. It’s such a treat to watch competent actors bring a well made script to life. Nothing bad to say about the PD-nim either. He seems to be juggling the different aspects of the drama with ease. So, everything has been hunky-dory so far but I reserve the right to change my opinion if things go south at some point. πŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “Chicago Typewriter – first impressions

    • LOL! I’ve been watching kdramas and also kpop idols for so long now that I’m totally desensitize to the fugly excuse for fashion Koreans think is ‘high end’. I hardly notice the clothes in dramas anymore. πŸ˜€

  1. You’re hooked! Wow, wow, wow! I’ve read good things on this one. So many genres rolled into one show! Not easy to pull off.

  2. I wasn’t too interested in the premise of Chicago Typewriter, to be honest.. but with you being so enthusiastic about it, I’m thinking that I need to put this on my list! πŸ˜‰

    • I was rather surprised how hooked I got, and so fast. I knew almost from the begining that this was going to be my type of drama. Crossing everythong that can be crossed that it won’t falter later on.

  3. I’m really excited to start this one. Kill Me Heal Me is one of my all time favorite dramas, so I’m anxious to the writer’s next work. Kill Me Heal Me also blended genres really well. And the cast for Chicago Typewriter is fantastic. So many reasons to tune in πŸ™‚

    • So many kdramas I’ve tried in the past fiew years have been total let-downs so it’s always great to get one that really appeals to me. I throughly enjoyed the first 4 episodes and hopefully I’ll enjoy the rest as well.

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