Drama Year 2016

New year, new tricks and the obligatory ‘in retrospect’ post. *g* Well, I did ponder whether I should actualy write one but here goes…

I wouldn’t say that 2016 was a particularly memorable drama year but neither was it a total waste either. I managed to come across a fiew shows I truly liked, though none captured my heart the way Of Monks and Masters did the year before. But then, “rare unicorns” don’t came along very often because they are, well… rare.^^

2016 also goes down as the year I sampled a truckload of cdramas, some of which were hilariously bad, but finished just a handfull. I haven’t watched enough cdrama for the tropes to turn into annoyances. So far the biggest downer has been the length. Too many get awfully draggy and loose focus or get padded with pointless filler.

Looking back, I didn’t really complete all that many dramas as I’m pretty quick to drop any I loose interest with or if something about them starts to bug me. I did e.g manage to finish 12 kdramas though, which oddly enough is exactly the same number I watched in 2015. 🙂 There are still couple of left over ones like Another Oh Hae Young, PU38, Dear My Friends and Beautiful Mind I aim to tackle/finish at some point.

One of the recent posts @ DB is about “top 10 gateway kdramas to hook friends on” and it made me ponder how contrary to common trends my taste generally runs. In the comments people were listing their gateway dramas and so many of them were the ‘usual suspects’. Mine on the other had was… The Legend. Guess I was destined to be the odd one out from the beginning. XD

My faves among those I watched last year, regardless of the original airing dates, in no particular order:

Age of Youth, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, 1% of Anything (2016), Signal

Dr. Qin Medical Examiner, Wind Chime

Juhan Shuttai, Cat Street, Bijo to Danshi, Hanako to Anne

I also wacthed one tw drama, Back to 1989, which I liked quite a bit.

8 thoughts on “Drama Year 2016

  1. I’ve always thought you’re into cdramas now that i didn’t expect you to finish a dozen of kdramas last year. And not liking what majority likes isn’t a bad thing in my opinion (i personally won’t recommend any of the dramas on DB list, though i can see why they’re popular or selected) but at least we all agree on Signal 🙂 Well, most of your Korean and Japanese faves are mine too!

    Oh, i also still need to resume and finish Dear My Friends and Beautiful Mind…

  2. Not a bad drama year at all, by your standards! 😉 I’ve yet to really get back to Signal, and Age of Youth is on my list. I’ve also heard excellent things about Juhan Shuttai, so it’s on my J-list, which I rarely dip into, but which needs to exist, because I hate missing out, ha. I’m still watching Back to 1989 – this one’s thanks to your recommendation! 😉

  3. You do have very unique drama taste! I’m one of the mob mentality “I LOVE THIS” watchers, who can pretty much be relied upon to like the more popular dramas. We do have Moonlight Drawn by Clouds in common, though 🙂

    • 😀 Yup, I seem to go against the current with most popular dramas. I was less selective in the early days though. Now most tropes bore me to tears or I find them highly annoying.

      • *gasp* I wonder if I’ll get to be like that some day. I’ve been watching dramas for maybe 3 years now. Hmmm. Lol! Maybe we should add you to our advance reader copy bloggers for our Kdrama book! I’d be interested to hear what you say about the tropes we put in the book.

        • I have a lot more mileage behind me since I watched my first drama in 2008. 😀 I did tend to roll my eyes on some of the kdrama tropes even when everything was still new and shiny but at least I wasn’t ticked off by them. Yup, back then I could even stomach heavy makjang, which I’m highly ‘allergic’ these day. 🙂 Ah, if you think my view on them tropes would be of use, I can give it go.

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