Dr. Qin Medical Examiner – closing thoughts

It’s been a while since this show had it’s final epi but somehow I was never able to find the time to write another post about it, like I had planned to. It’s still one of my favorites this year and one of the best dramas I’ve watched in recent years.

It’s such a pity this solid show has no subs but I guess it’s understandable as Dr Qin a gritty crime show, there is no romance, idols, popular actors/actresses or pretty falvour-of-the-months. (Edit. subs did materialise later on ;P) Just a great story with a cast that makes the characters feel very real. Despite of the genre I think it’s a rather character driven drama, the highlight being the Trio of Awesome and their bickering bromance. Yes, I know, one of them is a girl but as she is competent, level headed, no-nonsense and not a bit cutsey, she fits right in with the guys. Yup, Da Bao is awesome even on her own, luff her!

Like I surmised, the last fiew episodes were mainly about Dr Qin and his past. It’s an interesting arc but things went a bit too angsty and I missed the levity and banter of the earlier epis. But, the turn of events also showed how much of a tight team the three had formed in a relatively short time. No way would Da Bao and Det. Lin let Qin be accused of something he did not do, so they did their utmost to find something that would get Qin out of the predicament. Being successfull in it had unexpected consequences though.

It’s probably because I pretty much knew who Qin’s ‘nemesis’ is, (and that was even before I read the book the drama is based on) that the ending felt just a teeny bit anticlimatic. There were hints early on, if one paid attention… and I did. The perks of not being able to understand the lingo.^^ I also wasn’t too hot on the last minute fake-out, it didn’t quite mesh with the general tone of the drama. Other than that, I don’t have any beef with how TPTB decided to present things. Hopefully the 2nd season will come true, I’d love that!

kumaxell has couple of great Dr. Qin posts worth a gander @ her blog. 🙂

Closing off with this fun fanvid showcasing our cranky doctor with his many faces and his ‘princess stance’, among other things. XD Wish I understood the lyrics and the text in the vid.
Edit. Sadly the video is now gone. 😦

2 thoughts on “Dr. Qin Medical Examiner – closing thoughts

    • Ah, you beat me to it. 😊 I saw that too yesterday and I have been checking ever since I found out DramaFever started airing Dr. Qin. Hopefully we get the rest of them as well.

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