Short Cuts

Guess it’s no surprise to anyone that I’m forever on a different page than the rest of the world when it comes to those popular/hyped up dramas. 😀 It’s just recently that I’ve truly figured out that it’s mainly because I don’t like the writers’ style and how they construct their plots and characters. It’s either ‘I couldn’t care less’ or they irritate me enough for me to give the drama Das Boot.

Take the fishy tale… I mean Lengend of the Blue Sea for instance. I watched the first two episodes and ended up FFing through most of them. The whole thing sure looked pretty but felt like an extended travel advert for Spain. Could not connect to neither the story nor the characters. Yes, some of the mermaid fish-out-of-water high jinks were funny but those scenes felt tacked on and didn’t sit well within the overall flow. Not that this was any sort of surprise, I didn’t particularly care for the Starman thingy either and dropped it very early on. Just didn’t feel the force, besides it gave me a bad case of Kim Soo Hyun allergy, still ongoing. *g*

People also seem to really love dramas based on Ding Mo’s novels… I don’t, ha. I watched Love Me, If You Dare till it became focused on the romance, which is when I lost interest for good. It wasn’t a particularly interesting show to begin with but it went nowhere fast for me after the loveydovey started, especially as I didn’t feel any chemistry in it. Also watched several episodes of currently airing Snail and Memory Lost but found both of them wanting. Guess this will be the last time I’ll try anything based on the writer’s works as her stories just don’t work for me. Never been a big fan of mystery/romance hybrids as it is.

I’ve already said my piece on Dr Qin in my previous post. In terms of execution, writing and acting it’s the best of the currently airing Chinese mystery/detective shows. Pity it’s not subbed and most likely won’t be either.

Rather than Blue Sea I found Weightlifting Fairy and Geum Bi much more to my taste. Both went directly on The List, though Weightlifting Fairy may end up in the rotation if I don’t feel like picking up any of the dramas still on hold.

2 thoughts on “Short Cuts

  1. Still can’t wipe that giggle off my face reading your post. You had me at “fishy tale”. Despite having a penchant for romance-centered plots that seem to make you roll your eyes, I still find your posts delightful to read. But surprise, surprise, I’m actually agreeing with you on most of the above today! For whatever reason, I’m not into the said fishy tale either and have no plans to start watching. I did just finish Love Me If You Dare and did a bit of the ff in some episodes. I kept watching to see the mystery unravel. It was average for me, the chemistry a bit off (Sandra Ma looks too young for Wallace Huo in this pairing) but I didn’t mind the characters. Jian Yao could have remained a stronger character imho rather than becoming a victim for the second half of the show. I took a peep at Snail and dropped it even before I finished ep 1. Currently watching Sweet Stranger and Me and it’s the only airing show I’m interested enough to wait around for.

    • 😀 Oh, I’m not totally averse to romance dramas or even romcoms but unfortuantely those, especially the Korean ones often suck in execution, hence the eye-rolling. E.g I’m loving 1% of Anything which is a very simple show, centered on the romance and OTP. They’ve thankfully bypassed all the unnecessary OTT makjang that so often hijacks this type of dramas. I don’t mind some angsting as long as it’s organic and not overdone. It’s also been so satifying to watch the heroine put the delusional 2nd female lead in her place. The hero also saw right through her scheming ways and wouldn’t give her the time of the day. That doesn’t happen very often.

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