Dr. Qin Medical Examiner

Is this going to be a ‘thing’ now? Last year around this time I got totally hooked on another Chinese drama with no subs and here we go again. XD With Monks and Masters I was addicted from 1st epi on but it’s taken me a bit longer to get to that point with Dr Qin.^^ It’s ‘got’ me now though.
In the latest two episodes the story turned more sombre. Mostly gone was the usual fun banter, which I’m probably going to miss a lot in the coming episodes as going by the preview it doesn’t look like there will much fun and games ahead. We finally got to the back story of Qin Ming, with this week’s epis being solely about his past. The mystery of what happened to his parents and why. I’ve been expecting a Big Bad to show up but I’m not sure things are going down exactly as I surmised. Is the person who sent Qin the old police report written by his father (which apparently got stolen way back when) accompanied with a tooth, a friend or a foe? Why now? It did have the expected effect though as Qin started to look into his father’s death and discovered several things about the people around his parents at that time. Things that eventually lead him to the door of this one person he thought was a friend. The next fiew episodes are probably going to be quite angsty and I’m wondering if the story will be solely centred on Qin from now on.
Not being able to understand the lingo IS frustrating at times as I can’t be sure I’ve read some of the situations right. I’m pretty good at picking up visual cues with the help of the fiew words I do recognise but many times it still leaves me wondering about what’s really going on. Like… was Qin’s father also a medical examiner or just a regular police officer? Was that case he was working on the reason he got killed? Was it the sole reason or was there some other contributing factor, e.g jealousy – like it seems? Sigh. It could very well be the case of something fishy going on within the police dept itself, the way Qin’s superior is acting looks rather suspicious. I think he warned Det. Lin not to poke into what happened 20 yrs ago. How much does Lin know about Qin’s past anyway?

I just love the acting in this drama! I haven’t seen one weak link yet, everyone is pulling their own weight, even the bit players. The Trio of Awesome is of course fabulous, whether together or on their own. It’s great to have three lead characters who are equally good at what they do and intelligent to boot. Together they are rather formidable which is why it’s so sad the triumvirate gets sort of broken next week. I’m still counting on Det. Lin and Da Bao finding a way to repare the damage. It’ll probably be at a cost though, this is a gritty crime drama after all. I’m good as long as TPTB keeps them all alive, getting my Teams broken is always hard on me heart. πŸ™‚

I think I’ve gone full fangirl crush mode on Zhang Ruo Yun! XD I’ve even been contemplating taking a page from Mookie and kfangurl’s book and do a ‘pretty post’ of pictures on him. LOL! ZRY was already pretty good in his hearly roles (well, those that I’ve seen anyway) but I think he’s gained a lot of traction in the years since. He is very solid as Dr Qin and I love how he manages to convay so much with just his expressions and body language. That scene where Qin watched the old video of his birthday, just before his young life got shattered. How he needed some Dutch courage to even start the video. The barely contained grief, the quietly flowing tears and that beautiful, whistfull smile. Ah, my heart! *sniffle* Then the realisation that something was amiss…

I really like the ending song 不灭 (Immortal) by ZRY and frequently watch the ending credits just listen to it. The whole thing is oddly haunting and fits the mood perfectly.

11 thoughts on “Dr. Qin Medical Examiner

  1. I am glad I have found this post because I am going to watch this series too without subs and I don’t speak chinese. I think I should learn it there are other shows without subs that I really want to watch. I am currently also on Zhang Ruo yun bandwagon πŸ™‚ I would love to see pretty post about him!!!!!!!!

    • This was a pretty good drama overall, elevated by great acting. The main threesome is awesome. πŸ™‚ It is such a pity no-one has subbed it. But then, that’s the case with most Chinese language dramas. I’ve now watched SO many without subs that it doesn’t even feel strange anymore, ha.

      ZRY is a darling and I’m curious to see how his next drama, Fated General will turn out. I’m at least going to check it out, though not sure I can deal with a heavy historical with gzillion episodes. Those usually tend to put me to sleep, LOL! What ZRY dramas have you seen so far?

      As for a pretty post, we’ll see if I get some spare time.

      • I am currently finishing Novoland- 2 episodes to go. I also am wtching Wu Xin Monster killer- however I dont watch it regularly because I am trying to save it for later ( mainly because I also like Elvis Han and I am dying to see him in Siege in Fog so to ease my pain of waiting for this drama I watch WuXin sparingly ;p) I kinda like that I discovered Zhang so late because right now I have Dr Qin and Migratory Birds to see so it is exciting to have a nice line up of dramas to watch. Yay !

        • Ah, our hottie Wingkind Emperor. πŸ™‚ You are aware there are 2 endings for Novoland, right? WuXin was fun and I do like Elvis as well. Hopefully S2 delivers, but that’ll be next year I believe. I’m looking forward to Siege in Fog too. There’s finally a date for it, Jun 25th.

          I couldn’t get past the 2nd epi of Migratory Birds, too dog blood for me, but I quite liked Black Fox.

          • Ohhh OMG there is a date for Siege in Fog ?! Thanks- I will mark it in my planner! ;D I know I sound like a maniac but Siege is my most waited drama so far. I wasn’t that eager to watch a drama even when I was waiting for Descendants of the Sun ;p Normally I wouldn’t know about two endings but they are both available on kissasian so they solved this problem for me ;p

          • Well, it’s a date but as nothing with cdramas is written in stone, it can change any time. At least we know when approximately it’s been planned to start.

  2. Just had time to catch up till 16. So a few fill in the blanks:
    Yes QM’s dad was also a medical examiner, his ‘resignation’ is on a lil girl’s murder then he said he failed gravely, and he subsequently committed suicide out of guilt. QM visited the lil girl’s mom who told him QM Dad wasn’t the ME attached to case, so QM visited that ailing uncle at fault who fudged things up for money fr culprit and told QM of someone stealing Dad’s report snuffing him out rt after suicide. That ahjumma doctor he visited twice towards end of ep was the ex-wife of the psychiatrist Uncle/foe… he was in love w QMMom all along, QM caught DrAhjumma taking some heart meds and Unclefoe must’ve used it to poison the gang, QM picked up that piece of foul play info fr the other auntie, at the bday party for QM that fateful night but that wasn’t in Dad’s autopsy report penned by the Dr. ahjumma, covering up for her love then, Unclefoe.

    Lin and DaiBo don’t know a thing about QM’s past, they r just worried w him skipping work guessing either he’s off perhaps romancing his OTP they r gleefully calling ‘Mommy’ already at dept…or Lin is immediately cautious sth v serious is going on his personal life…and that police head seems a bit shady telling Lin QM is holding his own investigation bout Dad’s death and Lin must report to head whatever he learns of QM’s progress.

    • Gosh, I did get most of it then. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for clearing up the fuzzy parts – again. So, daddy’s death was written off as a suicide… which it wasn’t. What happened to Qin’s mom btw? Is she also dead? The Boss is definitely shady, I bet he’s mixed up in all it somehow.

      So, about what’s coming up next – Qin… did he or did he not do it? He’s certainly capable but I’m going to go with ‘frame up’ anyway. Can’t wait!

      • His Mom withered away a bit later due to depression, she must’ve known Dad’s death was stemming fr that unrequited love fr Unclefoe, which his ex-wife hinted on he thought QMMom will fall 4 him in desperation. I stopped at the preview for 17 but he was def going after that Unclefoe asking his whereabouts fr Unclefoe exwife. The macro-conspiracy must’ve involved the biggies of the depts now, all took bribes to cover-up for that murder of the lil girl most probably. And QMDaddy was going to be whistleblower of one of them thus.

        • Ah, so that’s what happened to mom. So sad. Uncle got what was coming, pity it put Quin in a bad position though. It’s going to be a bumpy ride from now on, let’s hope The Threesome is up to it.

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