A Totally Random Kpop Post

I don’t follow kpop much any longer, which is why I tend to miss comebacks for even the groups I actully DO like. πŸ™‚ Well, this week was the start of promotions for two of my faves, B.A.P and BTOB. I love both of the title tracks, as different as they are… though oddly enough both have “betrayal” as the theme of their MVs.^^

BTOB are perhaps better known for their strong vocals and lovely ballads but the boys do know their way around a choreo too. I’ll be your man (기도) is such a beautifully haunting song, which also showcases their vocal talent. Rapping is perfectly on point as well.

I’ve been ‘stanning’ B.A.P since the very beginning and have never been disappointed with what they have to offer. Lot of people seem to prefer the hard hitting style they debuted with but I rather love how they’ve always been able and willing to try very different genres and styles. They lost quite a fiew fans during the almost 2 year hiatus due to the leagal dispute with their agency but I think that the time actually did a lot of good for them in regards of developing as artists. Besides giving them time to get some well earned rest. All of them have improved quite a bit since their debut but Jongup especially has really stepped out of his comfort zone and started to shine with remarkably stady vocals and more lines in the recent songs. With Yongguk temporarily out of the picture because of his panic disorder, it’s also Himchan who’s upped his game this promotion round. He’s looking pretty darned good and confident as the de facto leader. I’ve also noticed that both Uppie and Youngjae are now taking on some of the vocal heavy lifting which gives Dae’s overused vocal chords a bit of a rest.

The MV for SKYDIVE is a tad too bloody for my taste but it does look very cinematic. I prefer their music show perfs though. πŸ™‚ It’s sweet how they always leave an empty spot for Leader Bang at the end of the perf, he is missed a lot.

They are also promoting another song, I Guess I Need You from the album Noir. It’s probably my favourite.

And here’s Jongup’s solo μ§€κΈˆ (Now), which he helped to compose and write lyrics for.

4 thoughts on “A Totally Random Kpop Post

  1. I’m a total kpop noob. First I’ve heard of the two groups you mentioned above. I do find kpop performances entertaining whenever i happen to come across them but to date have not become addicted to any single group. I’d be the last to recognize any of the names unless the singers happen to be in dramas I watch. πŸ˜€

    • My foray into kpop was a sort of a byproduct of my kdrama addiction. XD I followed the scene pretty regularly in the beginning thus most of my faves still tend to be from that era. I barely know any of the newer groups as so many debut each year and most tend to sound and look alike. Frankly I’m not that interested unless something makes me take a proper look. Like great vocals. Well, the songs have to appeal to me too. Trust me, you learn the names if you watch enough of their variety programs, ha. Those can be really entertaining as most kpopsters are dorky as heck. πŸ™‚

      You should take a peek at music programs like ‘Immortal Song 2’, ‘I am a Singer’ or ‘King of Mask Singer’ to see what other than the regular kpop Korea has to offer. Some truly great singers out there. ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’ is another good one too.

      • I assume these shows are like singing contests? If they were “live” here or on mainstream channels I can totally see myself being interested. I used to watch shows like “The Voice” or “America Got Talent”, now less so. Whenever I visit Malaysia, my mom is always watching some talent show and I catch myself watching with her and enjoying it. Definitely one of those little perks I miss about not living in Asia. Same for the food πŸ˜€

        • Not exactly, as these are not for finding entirely new talent but sort of friendly comptetitions for singers (also groups in IS2) who are already in the biz. Many are well known and established artists, known for their vocal talent and some e.g artist not so familiar to the general public or lesser known members of idol groups. All three shows have a bit different concepts but all showcase great singers.

          Immortal Songs 2
          I am a Singer
          King of Mask Singer

          You can actually find many of the episodes and/or individual performances in YT, also quite leagally as the broadcasting companies upload them. πŸ™‚

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