Drama Grab Bag

Still watching 1% of Anything and enjoying the fluffy cuteness. πŸ™‚ The OTP is adorable and oddly compatible. I’m not looking forward to the interlopers getting in the way of the romance from next epi onwards but I guess an angst free kdrama is not an option. Sigh.

Dr. Qin is also chugging along very nicely indeed. The cases are clear cut enough to understand without subs but there is always an element you miss when you can’t understand the dialogue. The actual crime scene invetigations seem pretty authentic but I doubt the rl investigators take part in the police work they way it’s shown in the drama. Bickering Threesome is adorably geeky and fun. Luff ’em. I wonder when the Big Bad storyline will start. Could do without that one, I think I’m allergic to genius criminals.

I forgot to add Novoland: Castle in the Sky (九州·倩空城) in my last Grab Bag but it’s one of those dramas I picked up on a whim and ended up totally hooked, ha. It’s a c-period fantasy, loosely based on one of the novels set in the made up Novoland universe and I’d say a lot better than most Chinese fantasies I’ve tried to watch. Less pastelly garish and the story actually makes sense besides being very addicting. Acting is a bit shaky in places but nothing so bad you’d want to poke your eyes out. Zhang Ruo Yun as Tian Yi, the male lead, is the high light of this show. Tian Yi starts off as a total ass, so jerks aren’t confined just to kdramas. XD TY is actually downright scary in his intensity to begin with but it doesn’t take long for the softer undebelly to start showing. The main characters are supposedly quite young too so certain amount of bravado and showing off is to be expected. TY does have a pretty good growth arc though. I thought the heroine a tad too milktoasty but she has a good heart and could even be spunky when needed. I liked the OTP quite a lot. At 28 epis Castle in the Sky is an easy watch and doesn’t drag too much. It has two endings which both make sense. Ep 28 is bittersweet and ep 29 the “happily ever after”. Pick the one that suits you best.^^ Here’s a link to some info about the Novoland universe @ Cdramadvotee. And a MV

Let’s have a little Zhang Ruo Yun appreciation corner here as I’m watching/have watched bunch of his dramas in the past month and seem to have developed a ‘thing’. *g* I first took a note of ZRY in WuXin, the Monster Hunter and although I loved Elvis Han as WuXin and ZRY’s part wasn’t all that big, he made an impression. Xian Zong’s undying love and devotion for the Evil Witch who was WuXin’s antagonist, made him a pretty tragic character. The Ebil Couple was quite memorable in itself. As an actor ZRY still has room for improvement but he’s been quite solid in everything I’ve seen him in so far. He seems very comfortable in his skin and his acting is sort of stress free, there is no forcing himself into a role but it’s all very fluid and natural. ZRY is thankfully too ‘exotic’ looking to fit in the current cookie-cutter, pretty boy mold but he has heaps of natural charisma and already a noticeable screen presence. I love his smile.

I just finished another ZRY drama, Black Fox (黑狐)zhan fiew days ago. It’s a war/espionage drama set in the turbulent times of Japanese occupation, full of double and tripple agents, ha. It wasn’t bad as patriotic, “flag-waving” war shows go but oh my, was it addicting! I had to restrain myself so as not to sit through all 38 epis at one go. Save for ZRY I didn’t recognise any of the cast but that was a solid bunch of actors who knew their stuff. I really liked all of the main characters and many of the supporting ones as well. ZRY as the hero Fang Tianyi is spiffy in his sharp suits and exellent fighting skills, even if his char comes off a bit too teflon. No matter what sort of situation he found himself, he pulled through with neary a scratch. But even Tianyi wasn’t totally bullet proof in the end. πŸ˜› Body count is high as expected and show does not shy away from offing some of the mains either. Even if the focus is on spying and outsmarting/getting rid of the Japanese, there is some understated romance in the mix too. No-one gets a happy ending though. War is hell. I didn’t find the political rhetoric too in-you-face (though the ending scene was worth an eyeroll or two) and I appreciated that the enemy was depicted as equally smart and resourceful. No dumb, buffoon, chariacture ‘japs’ in sight. There were some rather grand fight scenes and loads of battle scenes towards the end, which I tended to skip, ha. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Next I’m going to tackle Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds.^^

13 thoughts on “Drama Grab Bag

  1. Thanks for the insights into Novoland – I feel like I’m more.. *prepared* now, to take the plunge. I did feel like the male lead was scary-intense, in the few minutes he was on my screen when I poked tentatively at E1. Good to know he softens up nicely later on!! Plus, I’m totally going to watch both endings, naturally! πŸ˜„

  2. Wow…only one kdrama on your list and so many names that i haven’t heard before πŸ˜‰
    I have yet to start 1% . I’m currently watching Shopping King Louis which is cute and silly.

    • I haven’t really had much luck with sticking to kdramas lately, so I’ve gone for other options. ;D There are a fiew that have been on hold for a while but somehow I’ve not felt compelled to continue with any of them yet. Yeah, discovered a bunch of new dramas and actors since I ventured into cdrama land. *g*

      1% is pure adorable fluff, so far anyway. I haven’t watched this week’s epis yet though.

  3. That’s so cute, your falling for ZRY…I doubt you’ll last long though w 15 years, it’s nothing more than dogblood romance. I liked a few songs in it and was watching as white noise. XDDD

    The banter is the BEST in Dr Qin…hopefully someone will pick it up and sub it, the lovely trio comes across as serious at their job but getting to know each other pretty well, knowing how to poke fun and take care of each other without overdoing anything. Hard to come by.

    • I know, right! There must be something in the water lately as it’s been a while since I’ve gone googly eyed for an actor. XD I also kinda fancy William Chan, though I’m afraid that has nothing to do with his acting ability.^^

      Forever sad I don’t know any Chinese. I’d start learning if I wasn’t sure I’d be in me grave before I was able to master enough to understand what people are saying, LOL!

  4. I’m only reading recaps for 1% of Anything (saw a few clips), but Ha Suk-jin is adorable. I’ve always felt he’s underrated, so I’m glad he’s getting more of the spotlight with Drinking Solo and 1% of Anything. Also, he’s a good kisser πŸ˜‰

    • So I’ve heard. πŸ™‚ We’ll see how it goes.

      As for Sparrow – nah, didn’t much care for it, nor for Li Yi Feng. Boy’s pretty but can’t really act. If the drama does not appeal to me, I won’t waste time watching it even if it has actors/actresses I like. Apparently ZRY was one of the better parts of the show.

      • LYF’s acting was actually not that bad (sometimes the expressions fall flat, but most of the time I thought he was actually quite good). ZRY was one of the better parts of the show for me. Let me know what you think of Migratory Birds!

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